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Woohoo! Lightning! Thunder!

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Larry keeps surprising me. The other cats I've had were always scared to death of thunder, and would slink very quickly into the closet at the first loud clap.

Larry jumps up on the window sill, settles in, with his front paws curled under his body, and watches a thunderstorm. He's as happy as can be, just looking up at the lightning, looking down at the street, never even flinches when it thunders. In fact, I get more scared than he does! I keep looking at him, waiting to see him flinch - never happens.

I guess it's the former street cat thing. He's fearless!
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Mine love thunder and lightening too, doesn't happen very often here though. We had a storm on Thursday and they all ran to the windows to watch, sat there the entire time just gazing outside.
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All three of my kits tend to sleep through any loud noises...including thunder and lightening. It's just the dog who plays up during storms, he doesn't like them...
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Yeah... Kelly used to live outside (for at least a few months) before we took her in. Recently we had a storm, and while the other two cats were scurried to a safe place, Kelly was right by the window looking at the flashing sky.

She's so not a scaredy cat.
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When I first got Callie many years ago, she would run to the closet during a thunderstorm. Then she got braver and only sought shelter under the coffee table. Then, she would sit near me on the couch. Now she just sleeps through them! I wonder if it's because she's more secure or if it's because she's older and her hearing's going!! LOL

Hannah does okay with minor storms, but when we have a really bad storm with bright lightening and very loud thunder, she gets very scared. I've had to put her in her carrier a couple of times during severe weather and keep her where she could see me so she wouldn't freak out. She's very content to ride out the storm in her carrier and I feel better knowing where she is in case I have to make a mad dash with the kitties and get in the closet if a tornado heads our way.

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wow, that is amazing, I've never seen a cat not afraid of thunder.
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Carly and Much are oblivious to thunder. Lucy will sit right beside me and makes sure she can touch me with her tail.

I've never seen a cat that actively enjoyed thunder.
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This thread reminded me I have an old vinyl album, "One Stormy Night." I transferred it to a CD yesterday. I think it's still available.
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Nabu does that too. He and his brother lived outside for an entire summer, and he (and his brother when he was alive) isn't afraid of storms. He likes to go to the window and watch.
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Amazing. When it storms at my folks' house, Simba is afraid of the lightning and thunder and wants someone to sit with him. When it storms around here, Murray hides in the cabinet under the sink or in the bathroom, which is far away from any windows. And he's a former street cat, too, so you would think he'd be a little braver!
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My cat has never been a street cat (pampered kitty kitty for her whole life) but storms don't bother her a bit.
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