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Wish me luck!

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OMG! I can`t believe how nervous I am

Today I am doing Race For Life which is a sponsored run in aid of Cancer Research UK. I don``t expect I`ll be running the whole 5 k because my running partner kind of gave up on the training

It starts at 11am but we have to be there at 10 to do the warm ups and stuff.

I keep welling up now because you get your number to pin on your front and a card to pin on your back with 'I Race For Life For....' , so I`m doing it for my mum who died from Hodgkins lymphoma when I was 21.

Any spare good luck vibes are most welcome as are 'don`t start booing in public vibes'

Gonna try and take my camera but it`s a bit big and hefty, but I want to get some pictures!
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Your running for an excellent cause Just keep thinking of your mum and the thousands of others that your helping, like my brother who has lung and bone cancer.

If you lived nearer i'd be there on the line to applaud you along

Lots of lucky running because no one will boo you runners that do something like this
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Well you must be there by now, but good luck!!! Will be thinking of you in the next few hours
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Thank you both very much for your support

Well, it was actually a lot of fun! There were 3000 women taking part and I will definatley do it again next year.

Only took an hour and we ran for more than half of it so we didn`t do too bad. I only got a few poo pictues on my phone

Warm ups!

At the start

Nearly there!

There`s more pics here
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What a fantastic thing you did! I bet your Mom would be so very proud of you.

My Mom is a cancer survivior, so for all of those whose lives have been afflicted and lost by this horrible disease, Thank you!

Its times like these that I wish we all lived close by to offer our support to each other.
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Yay!!! well done you Theres a fair few people attended from the look of things
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fantastic. what a good cause
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That's great What a wonderful cause
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Awwww, way to go!! I only saw this thread now..but I'm glad you got through it!
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Way to go Linny!! now tell Kitty he needs to rub your feet
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a bit late but my wishes for a success are real...
well done my friend!...
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Oh wow I was going to do that, but I sorta never got round to it, and it's on a weekend (the one in July) so I can't go.
My friend's doing it with her mom so we've sponsored her.

Good luck!
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oh, soz I'm a bit late! lol Well done!
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woohoo!! congrats
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Thanks guys!

I plan on doing the 10k next. It`s in Brighton in October so I`ve got plenty of time to get fit for this one!
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Did they do the race for life all over the UK at the weekend?, because i saw some runners on my local news last night but i couldn't hear them much because i was in the kitchen.
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Oh yes! The do it all over the country but not on the same days. It`s quite spread out so there`s plenty to choose from. You can find one near you here....

That`s just the 5k ones and you can walk, jog or run. It was really nice that lots of people watching were cheering everyone on as they went past. So everyone can get involved!
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