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Meet Johnboy! (Pics!)

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This little cutie-pie brings the count to four!

The new kitten, Billy, revealed his true high strung colors the day after we brought him home. After chasing my 5 yr. NFC girl, Kitten, nonstop and much destruction, there wasn't a second to waste! We picked out Johnboy on Friday. Billy had a real 'tude about it! Poor little Johnboy was bullied all day, but he is a verrry patient and considerate kitty. Now they are romping and tackling all over the place! Now Billy releases all that energy into his play and not creating havoc. Let's hope the peace lasts!

Johnboy doesn't like to cuddle a lot, though he is a real lap cat. He is warming up to the dogs and they're more than ready to slobber all over him! Within seconds of looking into those big cartoon eyes I fell in love! He's a gem.

Kitten thinking "ANOTHER one?"

And finally.. Johnboy & Billy settled down for a nap.

Thanks for stopping by to meet him!
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What a cutie!
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He's precious! Congrats on the four pack!
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Awww!! what a litlle snugbug
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haha i love the look on Kitten's face HILARIOUS!!!

he certainly is gorgeous no wonder you couldnt resist another...where are the pics of the dogs though?????i know its the cat site but there's plenty more room for cyber animal loving!
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So cute I love the black cat with the white
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He is too cute! Gah... I have to stop looking at all these kitten photos... The ones at my work place have already got me longing for a sweet little kitten to have at home
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he is sooo darned cute!
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He's absolutely LOVELY! All your kitties are lovely Can't wait to see some growing up pix of Johnboy
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Oh good grief, how cute are they!!!
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i want your kitties! they are all so gorgeous!
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too cute!
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Oh, wow! They're all gorgeous!
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