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Um. Tom-Tom is trying to mate with Lucy???? WTH????

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OMG. I think I've seen everything now. We've had both cats for a year and they are both "fixed" and get along really really well.

I think almost too well.

We noticed Tom trying to bite Lucy near the nape of her neck from behind and my husband said he is trying to "do her" (he is pretty blunt". I rolled my eyes at him and said, "WHATEVER! That boy is FIXED!!".

He ran an errand and while he was gone, Tom tried to do it again!!!! Only THIS time, he was nearly up ON her from the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! I couldn't believe it!!!! Lucy would have NOTHING to do with it, though....but I couldn't believe it! My sweet Tom-Tom trying to get it on with Lucy!!!!! That is like watching your KID trying to do something like that. It is horrific!

So is that really what I saw?? Do fixed cats do "the deed"???? I really didn't think they did....but again, Tom is my first male!
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even neutered males will do this in an attempt to establish dominance.
Chip occasionally tries it w/Pixel - she really gives him what for when he does, too!
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It's not sexual, it's about dominance.

It's not always male to female either. My boys do it to each other, and the girl does it to the boys as well. It's all perfectly normal.
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Definitely a dominance issue. Have there been any changes in the household recently--new furniture, change in schedule, etc? Sometimes that can prompt this kind of thing. Sometimes it just happens anyway. My boys will do this occasionally (usually the older one grabbing the younger one by the back of the neck) and my boyfriend's male cats do this all the time. If they look like they are hurting each other, you can separate them, but sometimes it's best just to let them work it out.
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It might be helpful to keep in mind that they're not kids, they're adult animals. They may exhibit sexual and or dominance behaviors, and that's natural for them. You can't really interpret animal behavior according to human ideas or mores.

So, yes, it's normal, and best to just let them be. They should work out the dominance issue on their own.
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Its probably more of a dominance thing then a sexual thing - but both look the same

Or if the windows are open and there is unaltered cats in the neighborhood - that can trigger "sexual" action in indoor cats at times.

Charlie was neutered at 3 months old and you can tell he knows he's a boy with some of his actions. I don't think they really forget if they are male or female

Just break them up or put a little spray of Bitter Apple on her neck area (she can't reach that spot anyway) to discourage him from biting her.
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Sounds like dominance to me. My Jordan does this to Isaac all the time, he tries to do the same thing to Maggie but she will have nothing to do with it. Jordan is my top kitty and every once in a while when Isaac gets out of line he just wants to remind him who is boss. I even mentioned it to my vet & he said it is totally normal and not at all supprising given Jordan's dominant nature. He is agressive with the vet, and the vet said that his agressive behavior with them is an attempt to dominante them.
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