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Anyone into old radios?

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I found this at Goodwill today.

It all works!
Even the turntable plays!

$49.99, but it was 50% off day so I got it for $24.99!

Silvertone Medalist Model 1074 and 1075

I can find almost no info on it though

My son LOVES it!

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It looks like it even has the spindle (or whatever it's called) for the 45s!
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That's the stacking adapter for 45's.
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Awesome!! I dont know anything about them but I love old stuff, what a score!
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My boyfriend thinks that might be Wards or Sears. Either way, it's a beaut! Might be a cherrywood cabinet.. and it looks like it's in really good shape. Bottom line, it's a nice piece of furniture.
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That's gorgeous. I just hope you don't have to buy any tubes for it; they've gotten hideously expensive.

Now, a little secret. You could turn it into a piece of furniture, remove the amplifier, and probably get a couple hundred for just the amplifier, which is very popular for home built tube guitar amps.
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Yep, Silvertone was a Sears brand, I found out.

Tubes seem to run about $10 each.
That's why I am excited that is all works now!
There is NO WAY I will gut this as long as it works!

I already had another one that was in need of a total rebuild.
I gutted it and used it for a stand for our flat panel LCD.
I used the speaker portion as a computer case and built a media PC in it.
The part that held the turn table is used for our game consoles.
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Wow, that is really neat. I like old stuff like that. How does it sound??
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Hon, that ain't a radio, that's a "Hi-Fi"! lol. It reminds me so much of the one my dad built right after my parents got married but the turn table was in one cabinet, there was a HUGE speaker in the living room, and another one in the kitchen. He even up-graded it when I was in grade school with an 8-track player. He refused to get a cassette player when they came around, but he did allow me to get a cassette converter for the 8-track player. He was very old school!

Sorry...trip down memory lane! Great find though!! I can't believe you found a record player that works...I've been looking for one for ages! Congrats!
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Great find! I have heard that "vinyl" is back in vogue...
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The radio sounds great and the records sound OLD!

That's how we like it!

We have a new Sony USB turntable for great sounding vinyl.
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