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My sister caused an auto accident

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Got a call from her about an hour ago. She was driving to a convienence store to pick up cat food and some snacks as she is flying out early tomorrow morning for a conference in San Diego. She was distracted by a deer on the side of the road (many where she lives) and ran a stop side and hit another car.

Her truck is fairly well damaged and she was shaken up but not physically injured. The other car was driven by a man in his 60's and his wife as she hit them in the door behind the drivers door. He was taken to hospital with chest pains (hopefully seat belt and air bag related.) I don't know if air bag deployed as she said she was going 20-25 mph. His wife was ok. This is a very familiar road for my sister. There was a witness to the entire accident-sis said something about that deer again-can't remember what though. My sister was cited for running a stop sign

A friend took her home and I advised she should take much ibuprofen as she will be really sore wants the adreniline stops. She has a colleages that are physicians and is trying to contact one who lives nearby to examine her. Sorry about the spelling as she is my twin and I'm a bit shaken by this. She will not inform our parents most likely until tomorrow as mom will really stress over this. Instead I get to be stressed out.
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Yikes, I'm glad she is OK. I hope the old man will be OK as well.
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Me too!! Thanks.
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Gail, sorry to hear this news. I hope everyone is OK.
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I hope everyone is ok.
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She said she will call once she gets settled in her hotel early tomorrow afternoon. I just know from when we were in an accident back in 1988 Neil and I were really stiff and sore the next day (or three). Not sure if the insurance company will total her truck or not.

She unfortunately cannot miss this conference so she will be doing alot of long distance calling to get stuff resolved. She has not ever been in an accident like this before.
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Wow, I am glad everyone is okay Gail..that is the main concern. Everyone makes these mistakes sometimes and its just great when they cause no major problems/injuries. Metal is metal and can fixed
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It can happen so easily. I'm glad she's basically OK, and hope the man in the other car will be as well. to all of you. It's all very unsettling.
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These things happen all the time. That's why they call them "accidents," and not "on purposes."

She's lucky she hit the other car further back.

And, at 25 mph, you are going plenty fast enough to trigger the airbags.
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She called me this morning before she flew out and when she got to San Diego.
She said she wasn't stiff -well she is but that was due to something she did on Saturday.
She had her friend who picked her up spend the night and got some good pain meds just in case. But neither she nor I slept well last night.

And she said the air bags did not go off for either vehicle. And you are right she is lucky she hit were she did.
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Aww thank God she's okay That is so cool that you have a twin
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I'm glad to hear she is feeling ok. I hope everything worked out for the gentleman too!
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