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2 day old kittens, mother keeps leaving

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My cat gave birth to 5 kittens on the 12th June in early morning. The birthing went well, first time mother. However recently she keeps sitting or lieing on them. We have to pick her up and arrange her more suitably. She also keeps walking away. Once they start squeling she comes back. But shes been going more often recently and for longer 5-10mins. She is still feeding them and does clean their bums. When she leaves them we're putting in a hot water bottle. At the moment they have a box in a quiet corner, litter tray 2metres away, Food bowl 2/3 feet away.
Bit concerned how often she is leaving them at the moment. Any advice would be great thanks, also any advice on what to do if it get worse, like how old before we can safely help the feeding etc.
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Some Mother cats are more attentive than others, but she seems to be a good Mom, making sure they are fed and coming when they call. My Mother cat was very similar. She would go feed them and then leave. They are all grown healthy and happy now.

Just make sure she is feeding. You can weigh the them to make sure they are gaining.

As a first time Mom, you may want to check on her laying on them as you are doing, but that also could be nothing.

Here is a link with very helpful info in caring for the kittens

Good Luck and keep us posted!
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Is she in a pretty small box or nest? You may want a little bit larger one, so she won't lie on them so easily, and she won't feel crowded.
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Yes try a larger box and confine her to one room. Do not allow her to be roaming around. Some 1st time mothers don't know exactly what to do for awhile, so you need to keep them more confined.
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She choose to have them in a small cat igloo like bed. We had to move them the next day as it was too small and she tried to move them herself but did a bad job of it. Kept leaving one on its own then eat and forgot where she put it. They are at the moment in a cardboard box on its side so they have cover on 3 sides and a roof. Quite spacious for the moment. Mother and kittens kept in my room as we have another bengali cat and a dog so its more keeping them away rather than her in.
Shes a long haired cat and my main concern at the moment is that the temp needed for the kittens is too warm for her. At the moment I have fan on the other side of the room so she cools off there without it affecting the kittens. Any possible tips on this appreciated.
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I thought some piccys may help:

Apreciate all the help, I did most of my reading up on the birth thinking that would be the most difficult part. Done some reading on kitten care and the links above I've found very helpful, thank you.
We've always had our cats sorted so very new to kittens. The last time one of our cats slipped through the net it was 15years ago and we were new to cats, so much so that we thoguht it was male until the vets said.
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So the Mom is a calico? Those precious babies She very well maybe trying to cool off if shes longhaired. I have read of people taking one of those marble cutting boards and leaving it close so a kitty could lay on it. Also, something cold with ice in front of the fan.

How is Mom doing today any better?

We wouldnt complain with any up close pics of the babies either
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
We wouldnt complain with any up close pics of the babies either
'cuz we around here - especially baby kitten !
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We have given them some temporary names so we can use for reference, ie we can tell which one hasnt had a drink or which crawls away the most.
Abby, mummy, got worse last night it was almost half an hour away then 10mins back. However I thought it might be because shes expecting me to take care of them so I kept picking her up and putting her back. Seems to work everytime she stays closer or with them I reward her with a stroke. Shes much better today back to only a few mins away and most of the time with them.
The kittens are very active and seem healthy other than some sneezing but its not often and I read its quite common.

Now heres the piccys:
Abby, Mummy (the father we think may have been a ginger long haired, saw him around the area):

2 of them have 2 lines down their back but one has more white lines coming from back to belly called Temperence. Other blacker Neo:

Sky, looks like her mother when she was a kitten:

Tortishell, 2 of them, one is slightly blacker = Gucci, other Izzy:
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Getting worried as its getting worse. Shes leaving them for 45mins to 1hr and only going back for about 5/10mins and most of those time we had to carry her back to them

Can anyone tell me how often she should be roughly feeding them?
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That has to be frustrating. Is she confined to a small area with them?
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When you get the KMR and syringe/bottle, get a scale.
I think at this age, you would be feeding every hour or two - or when they seem hungry. I'm not sure how much though.

By weighing them you will know if they are getting to eat if they are gaining weight.
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Shes doing fine. Shes not going to feed them constantly. I would get a scale also, so you can monitor their weights.

That is exactly how my Mother cat was, feed them, then leave, but she always came back, like yours.

Those little precious ones so adorable
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Had to get some more accurate scales the day before yesterday (mine went up in 100g). They seem to have put on 10g yesterday which sounds gd. The mother is being better with them today, shes a bit odd one day she'll ignore them (she once sat outside the box and just watched as they wriggled and meowed) and the next always with them. We bought some queen kitten milkpowder to make if we need to.
Maybe I'm just worrying too much. I will be keeping track of their weights tho
Thanks for advice.
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Hi there and welcome. I have just been through this situation with two foster families, and I know how worrying it is when you are not sure if the kittens are thriving. The only way to be certain is to weigh the kittens every day at the same time and keep a record. That way you know who is gaining weight and who is not. I ended up supplementing three of mine and now all ten kittens are eating on their own and are growing well.

10 grams a day is a good weight gain for a small kitten. Some of mine only put on 3-4 grams a day on average. I had good advice from someone here, who said to wait till there was no gain for two days before supplementing. I gave my three smallest ones three meals of KMR a day, and found they would take between 5 and 10cc each time at around two weeks of age, increasing as they grew. But you will need to change that as necessary and depending on their weight. When you feed them keep them on their tummies as if they are feeding from mom, not on their backs like a human baby.

Good luck, it is worrying but worth it!
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