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My new cat has a cold! Please help!

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I just got a Cat and I'm SO happy! But the poor little thing has a cold! I got him from an animal shelter, so I wasn't surprised at his respitory infection, all the same, I was wondering if any of you more experienced cat owners could give me some tips to make him feel better. The vet gave us some anti-biotics, the problem is, when I give him his medicine, he drools and then almost heaves I guess you'd call it. After I give it to him, he hides under the bed. Seeing as I just got him today, I feel horrible about giving him yucky medicing even though I know its supposed to help my poor little fella. This is my first cat and I was hoping that some of you could help me out. What else is there I can do for my cat to make him well faster? Is there anything? Should I try to keep him warm or cool (he is running a temp of 104)? Please help!!!
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Hi Laura-

What is the medicine your vet gave you? Clavamox? Amoxydrops? You can back off the dose and give half of it let it set for a bit, then give the other half.

About the fever, you can wash the kitty's belly with a cool washcloth, just take a bowl of cold water, and a washcloth and dip the cloth in the water, wring it out well and gently stroke the belly. You can do the same things with the pads of the feet (but some cats are sensitive to this and don't like it) Or you can just wrap the kitty in a cool towel.

Make sure you give the cat plenty of water, and if you have a cat carrier, prop open the door and inside place a nice think pad of bedding, and place the cat inside, (make sure this is in a quiet place in your home) cover the carrier with a dark cloth down the sides and some in the front and just let the kitty sleep.

Good luck!
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I have been going through the same thing with my kitten, I adopted him on the 1st of march and we have been to the vet a few times with this upper respiritory infection, they had to change his medication and he is slowly getting better. The vet told me sometimes it takes a while to get rid of a URI in a kitten. Its taken a while and he is feeling better. Hope your kitty is feeling better soon!
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I have a recommendation, if your kitty is really stuffed up, and only after his fever has gone. Bring your kitty with you, into the bathroom when you take a shower, nice and hot and misty, set up in a nice area to just lay down and chill, breathing in that air can help clear his sinus's out, (if he has this problem).
Doesn't envole medication and sometimes the warmness in the bathroom will calm them down and they will settle in nicely, and enjoy being able to breath better for a while.

I've had many cats with different URI's. I have one cat that got one as a kitten about 10 or 12 weeks along he got one, and now he has what is known as a reoccouring uri.

Have you tried disgusing his med doses in some wet food? Or kitty tuna? Mix it up real well, and serv it to him, just a little, to assure that he finishing the whole bowl in one serving so that he also gets all the medication he should.
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Thank-you all so much! I have only had my Cat for four days now and I am already in love with him. I've never really liked them before, but now I understand why people love their cats

The vet put my Cat (still can't think of a name for the sweetie) cefadroxil. The first day I couldn't get him to take it, and when I finally got it down him he threw up. Well I went and bought some Kitten Replacement Milk becuase he wasn't eating and I have been putting the meds in there. He takes it fine and luckily I am seeing a little improvment already. That is a great idea to take him in the bathroom with me! I have had to do that before with my baby brother (well one of my seven younger sibilings) it worked wonders for him. I'll try it with my Cat. Also, this is a bit off the subject but i'm sure some of you can relate...my Cat urinated all over my bed the first day, even though he has been very personable, the second and third...again he continued to use my bed as a litter box...then this morning he woke me up by crawling up on top of me, and he meowed and tried to get me to follow him over to his litter box...when I got there he had gone to the bathroom and as I stood there amazed, he rubbed against my legs purring proudly. I seriously got tears in my eye's it was like he wanted to show me...so I gave him treats and lots of praise!

Cat's AMAZE me!!!!
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Hi, sorry about your kitty, sounds like a great personality, (smart too) I adopted a 6 month yr old kitten from a shelter on feb 21st with a bad uri aslo(congested/sneezing/fever/eye discharge) which she gave to my other two cats..

The most important advice I can give is to make sure the cat eats, and drinks as much water as possible, put several locations for water bowls, so one is always near by, also give him wet food, as that is easier on their throat and easier to digest, also has more water content....

otherwise just give him snuggles and let him rest on you. Play only if he asks for it!

I have put the medication in wet fodd also, just in a tiny ball, and give them that before the rest of their meal.

also, try to wipe his face of any discharge, eyes/nose...with paper towel dipped in warm water..

hope you kitty gets well soon! Ask any other questions you'd like...
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