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TOGA PARTY for Mr. Cat. . . . . . .

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I came on The Site to join a party and

Lo and Behold I am the First One

Here! So let me raise the first glass of ale and say,

"Way to go, Joe. CONGRATULATIONS You Alpha Cat, YOU!!!!

We have NO TOGAS, so :pinky: will have to do:pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: and let us not forget the CONGRATULATORY

With 300+ Posts and looking forward to many more! Best Wishes, TLK :jarswim:
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let me just say 'whoo-hoo'

:icecream: :pinky: :pinky: :icecream:

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It's about time Mr. Cat earned his own "Blob-o-rama"! Way to go, Joe!

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WooHoo Parrrrtttteeyyyyyy
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Congratulations and welcome to the club

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Congratulations Mr. Cat!

TLK mentioned ale - so here's a new smilie for the occasion:

Yep! Another blob to the collection! Special for the blob-o-rama Mr. !

(Check out the smilies - I've added a few more new ones )
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: : :

Congratulations Mr.Cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WoooooHoooooo!!!!!!!!!!

: : :
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Wow! A party, for me! I'm sorry to arrive so late, but today's heat wave here at Portland knocked Samantha (my computer system) for a loop. I've had to wait until now, 3:11 a.m., to check up on things at The Cat Site.

It's a great honor for me to be amongst you esteemed Alpha Cats. I shall try to uphold the glorious traditions of that office, one of which is being more attentive to this web site! Now, if the weather co-operates and doesn't give Samantha any more headaches, I'll do my best to be here more often.

[Seventy-eight page acceptance speech to be entered into the record.]

Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful hospitality. All I can say is. . . .



Postscript: Thank you, Anne, for the excellent commemorative blob!

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Congrats on being a new Alpha cat...Hope to see you and to post with often!!

DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai,Zoe, and Baby
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::::::flash: :flash: :flash::flash: :flash: :flash::flash: :flash: :flash::flash: :flash: :flash:

YEEHAW!!!!!! Hey JOE!!! Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy to see you here today and wow, now I see the party! Long live the blob-o-rama!!! By the way that is the funniest pic I think I've ever seen!!!! :laughing:

::::::flash: :flash: :flash::flash: :flash: :flash::flash: :flash: :flash::flash: :flash: :flash:

Love, hugs and kisses : to Micheala and Tonya too!!!!
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Congrats Mr. Cat. I knew you would get here soon enough!

:flash: :flash:
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Yahoo Cat Man!!!

:afrorainb :afrorainb :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :icecream: :icecream:
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I'm overwhelmed by all these Blob-O-Ramas! Thanks, Three-Legged Kat, for instigating this Toga Party sans togas. My dear computer-system Samantha is still suffering from near-constant malfunctions due to the heat, but I shall try to be here as often as possible.

Cats Michaela Kristin and Tonya Robin are not happy with this unremitting heat, either. So far, they're not ill; but if this damned heat continues much longer they will be.

Anyway, back to the festivities!


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Hey Mr.Cat,

LOVE the picture of the kitty and the beer bottles! Party till ya puke is what I say. Let the party begin!!

:martian: :clown: :homer: :laughing: :martian:


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Don't cry Trish - you didn't miss the party! You're right in the middle of it!
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Congrats! Now that is the way to go!
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Open Bar!!!
Ok, so it's like I told my 22 year old son tonight when he brought in 17 people for a 21'st birthday party for his last (hopefully) friend's birthday..."Don't forget to TIP your bartender!!!" :laughing2
Congrats! Hope one of these days I can have a party too, I love it here, and look forward to many happy visits!

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I spent quite a bit of time looking for a picture of John Belushi in a toga (from Aminal House ) to post here, but the only one I found that really shows off the toga has John with puke all down the front of him.

Oh well

Congrats on #300!
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Whee! It's a party! Is the music loud enough? Oh, look! Here come the police!

"Hey, you guys! Come on in! How's everything on the force these days? 'May the Force be with you!' Funny, huh?"


"Oh, yeah. Buffy is dead. Buffy Anne Summers, my television hero, saved the world once again. But she died. I want the police to do something about it! Don't give me that 'It's only a television program' stuff!"

"Here you go, officers. Black armbands all around. Have a drink. A toast! Here's to Buffy! Thank you. Good-bye, blue-clad persons!"

Now, where were we? Oh, yes. The party!

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LOL! Speaking of Portland finest, an officer came into my bar last night looking for a woman with warrants out on her (she wasn't there) , very pleasant cop, and as he was talking I was trying to sneak a peek at his badge to see his name. When I finally was able to read his badge, I got the giggles and had to act like I was coughing so he wouldn't know why I was losing it. Poor mans name was Officer TEATS!:laughing2 Was all I could do to refrain from asking him if he was a Cat Lover!!! :laughing:
On with the Party !!!
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Dear Joe,

Hey there, I didn't have a thing to wear...So, I borrowed her dress! :laughing2: I hope you like it, I really had to squeeeeeeeeeeze into it! :laughing2:

now all's I have to do is catch a cab.....

Love &.......(thanks for the dress)
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Hey everybody,

Is the party still going? I SAY, IS THE PARTY STILL GOING??? Damn this music is loud.

I've been in a really rotten mood all day. Can't figure out why Could be cuz I'm tired .

Sorry I'm not dressed for the occasion :clown::clown:. Get a few in me I won't care.

Let the party continue. I SAY, LET THE PARTY CONTINUE!!!! Damn the

:witch: :pinky: :pinky:

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Wowza.. all of this partying and some how I missed it
I was no time to
There is always time to catch up...

Hope you all missed me? Say will I get the same party? Only 20 more to go... I am trying hard.

Mr. Cat... How does it feel? Feeling pretty good I would suppose
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Cleo, Officer Teats was just here a while ago! Yeah!

Oh, Donna and Swalker, the party's going strong — so find a bare spot on the floor and have a seat, or a stand! Here you go. . . .

Catarina 77777, I love that dress! On you, I mean!

Okay, here's another picture of Buffy. The one on television. Mind, I'm going to keep putting up her pictures until somebody says how sorry they are that she died!

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But they've killed her off before, only to have her resurrected the next season. Have faith!
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You are right Mr. Cat.

Buffy is fabulous. I totally love her too. Don't fret, she will be
back she always is.

I am guessing she was killed on the season finale :confused3 I am so sorry I did not watch it... Please forgive me, but do tell me what happened.

I will just sit here on this little piece of floor and until I find out what happened.

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Anyway, you there! Thanks for feeling bad about Buffy. Have a drink. Okay, so how did she die? Well, it's like this. There's some kind of organization of demon types that's trying to bring about a state of total chaos. Right? Okay. So, they need Buffy's little sister Dawn in order to do this. Dawn's this "key" person or something; and she's totally innocent and hasn't a clue about this demon stuff. No, wait, she does have a clue. But she's not a demon. She's really sweet and all that. Or something.

Anyway, this bad demon who's a god comes along and takes Dawn away to sacrifice her so this world-ending thing can happen. Okay? Okay. So, Buffy and her pals have to rescue Dawn and also prevent the end of the world. So how come they can't just call the police? Beats me too. Anyway. . . .

Willow and Spike and Anya and Xander and Giles and this other gal whose name I can't remember all help Buffy by beating up bad guys and such. Buffy climbs this great big tower where Dawn is tied up, but it's too late and the end-of-the-world thing is starting! Yeah. So Dawn says she's got to jump off this big tower to stop this ritual from ending the world.

Buffy says, "Oh no, that's my job little sis." Or words to that effect. And so Buffy jumps off the tower into this floating ball of something-or-other and is killed, but the end-of-the-world thing stops and the world is saved. But Buffy's dead and they show a picture of her grave.

Okay, that's what happened more or less. Have a drink.

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I've got over 500 posts, how come I didn't get a party??? 'hic'

That's okay, I'll have a party of my own!

Bring on the strippers 'hic' Oops!! MoShoo has already started stripping 'hic'

Well, good ole' Buff :vampireL: there has a nice bod 'hic' but I wonder what Joan Rivers and the fashion police would say about that outfit

Oooooo, 'hic' the room is spinning
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Ooh Donna... there is a party for you in the forums! Check it out you posting babe you!

Thanks for the info. Mr. Cat I should have watched the show. Next seasons opener will be groovy! :afrorainb

keep on drinking all...

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