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I am officially moving

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Well, yesterday my flight was booked for the 30th of June. I am moving away from my home of 23 years. Leaving everything I have known, everyone I love. My little brother, and his girlfriend, and their baby . This will be hard. I had to let 3 of my cats go. Myth is going to the shelter. I am so sad about that. She had a home but the guy got kicked out, and I got her back. I have asked everyone I know if someone can take her, and nobody can.

Mystyc, and MyRage are moving into a different place with my brother and his gf. I am a bit worried. MyRage is my baby. She was with me after my mom passed away (7 yrs ago 9.12), she spent every day in my arms. I did housework holding her, and everything. She was my lifesaver durring that time. I have to leave my Mystyc... I got her before I got married, and her birthday is the day before my anniversary. She was born one year and one day before I got married... She just got diagnosed with bone spurs and artheritus in her back legs. I am planning on bringing those two to Louisiana when I can though. But I don't want to be seperated from them. I love them so much. Myth... she really needs a home with only her. Other cats pick on her, and she likes to hide when they are around. I hope she will find a wonderful home with some people who don't have kids, (that is why my bro can't take her), or other cats.

Ladi NyghtShade will be flying with me. I am paying more for her to fly then I am myself. Not to mention the airline approved carrier, the vet appointment, and everything else I have had to do to get her ready. She's the manx. She cuddles with me every night. She was a bit of a basket case with both my hubby and I gone for 10 or 11 days. My brother's girlfriend cuddled with her, and gave her the attention she desired while i was away. She said she didn't cuddle with her like she does me. We were in my room, and I was playing videogames. She came in, and Shadey was eating. Shade jumped on the bed, and walked over to me, and padded me on the face with her paw to let me know she wanted under the covers. I lifted them, she crawled under, and currled up with her arm stratched over my neck.

I only hope that the other girls are okay. I am praying for Myth to get a home. I am praying for MyRage to not miss me. I am praying for Mystyc to be smart about the roads near where they are moving. Styc will become aggresive to humans and other cats if she doesn't get her way, she wants to go outside, and that is THAT! I also pray she won't try to come home to this house out here...

Anyone have any ideas on how to keep her from trying to travel across town to her old house after she moves ?

Be safe
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Good luck with your move. Hopefully you will be reunited with your other cats in as short a time as possible. And Myth finds a new home-is she at a no-kill shelter??

Can't give any advise on Styc though. Perhaps using Feliway to calm her down and keeping her in the house and well occupied??
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Yes, the only safe thing is to make her an indoor kitty.

I'm so sorry you have to leave so much behind! I hope you find wonderful things where you're going...
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Myth finds a new home-is she at a no-kill shelter??

Can't give any advise on Styc though. Perhaps using Feliway to calm her down and keeping her in the house and well occupied??
Our shelter is a no-kill. I was told that they have an exchange program with other shelters. I just wonder about how they ship them from one shelter to the next.

I have suggested trying to make her an indoor kitty. They said they will try. She is almost 10 and very set in her ways, I find it comical how she is. She knows what she wants, and gets so angry for not getting her way. She has been that way since she was born. They called her Tia-2 because she was like me. lol I hope that she will acclimate to being indoor. I have tried many times, especially when we moved to keep her indoors, but she darts out as people are coming in. On the good side, she has usually been really easy to catch.

She generallly runs out the door, stops in the grass, lays down and waits to be picked up and taken back in. sometimes you have to follow her, but... she very seldom runs far. Thank you

Be safe.
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Good luck with your move. I know how hard it is to leave everything you know behind. Hopefully you can get settled soon and get your fur babies back. Maybe Styc will be more interested in exploring a new house that she won't think about going outside for a while.
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Thank you

Yeah, I went and checked out the place. there is a great big huge yard for her to hang out in, but I am sure she will like the swamp across the street. Luckily that street isn't as busy, but... it's a hill and people like to zoom down it. The house is also near a creek, and there are ticks there. EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Found one on me. LOL I was so freaked out when I found that one I had the urge to rip off my clothes and have my friend check me for more... He's a guy, and not my hubby, so I took a shower instead. I had the creepy crawlies for a long time after that. I hate ticks. I am not comfortable with her being outside there, she would pick up ticks too I am sure. I have expressed my concern, but that makes me more determined to get my other two girls there all the more swiftly.

I have been counting down every day with the girls, explaining everyday what is happening and why. I hope that they understand. They are acting funny. Mystyc, MyRage insist on sleeping in my room. That is unusual, especially for them NOT to wake me up to get out durring the night.

I am having a huge yard sale this week, so Styc is loving me being outside with her. But why would I be more interested in the junk and people out there, when she is there to be petted? Hmmmm.... silly humans
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I´m so sorry if you have to leave behind your kitty...... that is so hard,...
Praying for you can find a new home for they......
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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