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Jacks Missing...

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Last time I saw Jack was Wednesday night when we were cooking out.. he was sitting on the Chair behind me. Thursday I went to work and spent most of my day in my room so I didnt even realize I hadnt seen him, Friday I was so busy I didnt notice I hadnt seen him but around 3pm when I went outside and saw a Kitten in my sisters arms thats when my mom was like "Jacks been Missing for 2 days and I dont think hes coming back so I let Ana get a Kitten from across the street" I was so mad! No one told me and no one even tried to look for him so I took Bonnie and went walking around the block looking for him.
I looked and looked and didnt find anything... then the storm came.
At about 12-1am last night I sat on the porch (the storm was over) and called him and just sat out there for over an hour. King sat on the porch with me... I thought I heard Jack cry back to me a couple times but he never appeared
I have this weird worried feeling that ive never felt before... its kinda odd... like I wanna cry every time I think about Jack and I just wanna keep calling him and looking for him.... I had my Boss put a Missing Cat report up in the Office at the Shelter. Im also gonna call the County Humane Society later.
Im really Stressed and upset over this.


So the new cat... some of you know I said it was Ugly... well no offense to you who have Grey cats.. its just this kitten could be prettier. I have no interest in this new kitten a all and idk why... its weird.. like "She's" Cute and all but I just want nothing to do with her.
She's (unnamed at the moment) solid Grey... thats all... oh and about 1-2 weeks to young to be away from her mom, shes eating solid food but shes uber tiny.

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That kitten is adorable and your feelings towards that kitten could be because of guilt for Jack...I hope Jack returns home safe and sound and soon
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sending tons of that jack comes home soon.
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Aww, that little kitty is lovely!
I think you must be dismissing her because you still feel guilt about Jack like Bella713 said. I hope your little baby returns soon, and you find a place in your heart for your new cutie.
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I'm sorry Jack's missing. Sometimes they can be so close but they're too scared to come when you call. Try shaking a bag of food where you think he is or even pop open a can of cat food. If he really weas there crying he might come out. I remember when Brady was lost I KNEW he was in a pile of wood. I called out "brush you" the same way I did it indoors and he would always come running. Well something moved in that pile of wood. I went back with a trap and got him the next day.
I hope Jack comes home. And I agree, you might be feeling so bad about Jack that your heart doesn't have enough room for another kitty right now.
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Sending you mega vibes that your boy returns safe and sound!
And I agree with the others - that little kitten is a sweetheart!
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I agree that he may just be too scared to come out right now. Don't give up on him! It must be so hard right now.

The kitty is very pretty. You will come to love her, give it time.

Come back Jack!
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I hope Jack comes home safe and sound

I think the new kitten is adorable.
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Any sign of Jack yet?

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I also have a kitty named Jack who went missing for for 9 of the worst days of my life. He came home on his own, but I know exactly what strange feelings you are speaking of. I hope your Jack comes home soon.
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She is Cute and I think you dont like her because Jack is missing.
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has jack returned yet?
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