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My e-vet is a little over a half hour away, I (luckily) have not been there in over a year, but like Meowmy Aprile said, that half hour can be the longest drive in the world when: your cat is having a seizure or just chewed on an electrical wire and fried herself

glad you found somewhere you are excited about!
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I have several pet ERs in my area as well, the closest one about 15 minutes away. I have never had to take a kitty there (knock on wood), but I did go there with a dog about 7 years ago. I have called them on a couple occasions on weekends for reassurance that my pet could wait to see my regular vet on Monday.
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My emergency vet is the same as my regular vet. Here, all vets are legally required to provide 24 hour cover. They don't actually have to provide out of hours cover themselves, but they have to arrange for someone to cover when they are closed. Of course, that does have disadvantages in that you pretty much have to go to the out of hours vet that covers your practice and can't pick and choose. I'm lucky in that my vets provide their own out of hours cover and are just a 10 minute drive away.
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My cat knocked the screen off the window and snuck out. She was attacked by a dog and managed to sneak back in at about 11 at night.. I took her to an emergency vet clinic in Bedford it is pretty nice. But be prepared it is pricey. My bill ended up being just under 1000. THe office visit alone was 60.
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I don't know about in the US, but here in South America almost ALL vets have emergency phone numbers you can call whenever. You do have to wait about a half our or so for the vet to show up, but you CAN call whenever.

We had to do this once with our kitten in Peru. Luckily the vet happened to live upstairs from the vet's office.
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