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Need help with MySpace

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I just started a my space page a few months ago and I've finally figured out how to put music to it (actually DH figured that out) but we have NO idea how to get a background. I know I can ask on their forum, but I know you guys and don't feel quite as stupid asking you.

I've downloaded a few backgrounds but don't know how to add them to the site, and I have NO idea what HTML is. Well, I do know it's a way to add things to web pages, but I don't know how to do it, or where to put it. I know some of you have my space pages, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
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the easiest thing to do is use a sight such as createblog.com or any myspace layout site and find one you like and then copy and paste the code they give you into your about me.
If you have downloaded a background that you want to use then you need to upload it to a photobucket or image sharing page and then code it to fit, which is pretty hard if you are clueless with html.
If you use create blog make sure to use the standard ones at first at least until you get the hang of it, those are always just copy and paste, some of the other fancier layouts will require you to do some of your own coding to make it work.
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When I want a different background on Myspace page, I usually get on Google and type in something like "MySpace backgrounds". I click on a random link and browse through different backgrounds from that webpage. Usually, the background you want has a link that you copy and paste into your "About me" section when you edit your profile. After you do that, you just save your changes. Hope this helps some
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I've done MySpace pages 2 ways, 1 way by putting up my own background et et. However, I think the Easiest way of all to do it, is to go to Pimp My Profile. Not only can you use one of their wonderful profile set ups, but you can also manually do some things to your profile with their quick easy set up. You won't have to know html at all. After you've perfected your profile, just the way you want it, you just get the code, and copy it, then paste into the "About Me" section. Very easy, very nice, and a way to have a page that is not a pain for others to look at.
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Thanks guys! I'm going to play around with it tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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