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Trapped first cat Wednesday

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Hi. I wrote here a few months ago about planning for trapping and got some great advice. Thank you all! Wednesday I finally got everything together and started trapping in my apartment complex. I made arrangements with a close-by vet who is willing to neuter one cat per week at a very reasonable price. So we (there are 2 other residents helping me) trapped our first cat Wednesday morning and everything went like clockwork--we set the trap out at 7am, by 7:15 we had a cat and had her at the vet by 7:40, she was neutered and eartipped that morning and we picked her up at the vet at 5:30pm that same day. We kept her in a garage until the following morning, then released her. She drank water and ate overnight (no vomit), so I am assuming she did okay after the surgery. It was a very small trap and I couldn't see the incision. (Oh yeah--the vet told me she was newly pregnant, so right off the bat we made a difference in stemming the local cat population!) My concern now is that no one has seen her since her release 3 days ago. I have read that this could be normal behavior, but I am worried. She sat for hours in that small cage on a possibly urine soaked towel that the vet put in, and I am worried that she might have got infected by that. Next time we will keep the cat in a larger carrier after the surgery so they can move more, if needed. Can anyone fill me in on what to expect after the surgery and after releasing them? I have read a few things on Alley Cat Allies but would like more info and experiences.

We plan to trap one cat every Wednesday over the summer. This first time was a great success (we hope!), so we are encouraged that this will work and will make a difference.
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Great job.
I don't have much to add since I am new trapper myself. I hope you keep us posted on your successes.
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She probably just got really scared from the experience and is in hiding. She will come out in the next couple days if that's the case.
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I was told today that the neutered cat has shown up at the feeding place and looks healthy. Phew! I am relieved!
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Great job. What happened is normal. Some cats go hide for a while, its rare for something to happen. Sometimes coming out of anthesia you can lose one.. but again that is also rare. I had a few that had tough times waking up from gas.. but they did.. I held rocked, and gave Karo syrup to bring them round. that's how I learned to feed when I've trapped them, so they have energy in their systems before they get put under for sputer...

Good luck with it. I've done 15 now, and you can PM me if you need advice or reassurance.

so far, so great, from what I can tell!!
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Thanks for the feedback and advice. We trapped another yesterday. She is a female who had kittens within the last few months, according to the vet. I didn't know until I picked her up last night that she had kittens. I hope they are okay. I had not seen this cat before and was afraid she belonged to someone, but the vet tells me she is feral. I let her go this morning--she didn't drink overnight but ate. She seemed very subdued. She didn't want to leave the carrier she spent the night in--eventually came out when we moved it a bit. I hope she is okay and the kitties are okay. I didn't realize how much I would worry about these cats! I would hate to be responsible for a death because of surgery complications. I guess that is everyone's worry, huh? Hopefully, as I get more experience, I won't worry as much.

So far, so good. Thanks for your support.
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