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Kittens are starting to surface.......

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As you all might know that some of my colony already had been mating before I could trap them....so the last couple of nights, I have been starting to see one kitten here and another there...etc. They are sooooo little,
tiny, the moms have been leaving them already, I'm sure they are very
hungry, and seeking out food. Last night I just hung around a bit longer,
and I did see where one mama has hers, they are living in a culvert, so I left food there , she saw me and ran to the middle of the culvert, today it is
storming. and I really don't want to take them away from their moms too soon, plus I don't want them in the traps til Monday, our vets are closed now! anyway I just wanted to tell ya about the newbies! soo special!!!!!!!!!
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I love this board and reading about what people are doing to help. I took mine at 5 and 6 weeks. They were already eating solids and I gave them some milk replacement just for extra but they mainly ate the food.
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I am still trying to get at 3 kittens, about 4 weeks old now. The mother moved them out of my shed, a week went by and somehow they are all living under my front porch now (only a 6 inch opening under one side -- they are on the far side with no opening). I can't get at the kittens, trying to entice them with wet food isn't helping. The mother has seen me and now I'm afraid she's going to move them again. But I left food out and the kittens are still safe under the porch, so hopefully she'll stay there.

This is so nerve wracking. If I could just trap the mother first, I'd be alright. But she is just so untrusting, I can't get near her.
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Don't worry the kittens will start to venture out on their own soon. In a few weeks it will be easier to catch them.
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Thanks CC12, Colette, (I hope that is right!) sometimes I need encouragement and lots of it! When I am doing all of this alone, it gets pretty
overwhelming! especially how much the food is to feed all of these poor cats!
there were about 17 to 20 give or take a few depending on the day! and now
some have had babies! OMG!!!! just more mouths to feed! since summer started I put up a pool for my son, who now wants constant company, I don't blame him and I do enjoy it but......I feel like that is all I'm good for...
all my money, goes to wal mart, for food! My son says they need to rename
Wal-Mart to Mo-Mart, (Monique) I ought to own some stock by now!!! Oh well! my problems are any worse than anyone else's! have a great day!
Mo-Mart Investor
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MoMart. Its catchy.

Bless your heart for your hard work. It does feel overwhelming sometimes. When I acquired 2 kittens and a cat with IBD one day I got a little teary. I have chronic pain and I thought how in the world with my broken body am I going to do this. I was afraid I was going to let them all down. Between them and my daughter I felt like all I was doing was running around.
But at the end of the day we are doing something that many others won't. We may be unsung heroes in a lot of ways but not to those cats. They appreciate us and have better lives because of it. They cluster around us because they trust us.

When you get Momart up and running let me know. I want to buy a couple of shares.
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