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hey whats up? you know the choose menu at the bottem of the screen(if you don't scroll down to the bottom)? click on it and change your background. if you do whats your background? mine is NAME ME-JULY CONTEST.
please anser this and don't just view. no one ever ansers my posts.
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Hi! I hadn't gone down there yet and looked for different backgrounds (and I even administer another vBulletin site that also has different backgrounds). I just chose Name Me - June Contest also - the most pleasing to me (but I can't figure out what the reply button is supposed to be in this background).
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Right now I am using office hours but also like the June name me one
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I have just changed to Green Eyes!
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I use the default one....exciting huh?!
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Name Me - June contest, though every now and then I'll switch to Dreams of Creams because I think it looks nice too.
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I have tried the others but think Blue cats is the best for me.. but then, blue is my fave color
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I'm a default girl too. But, I might play around with it now that I know where to find it!
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What exactly is your question about the backgrounds?
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Green eyes here for Mitten's beautiful eyes
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