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Saturday June 14th-what are your plans

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Its a nice calm sunny morning, but that will change later in the day
Continue to work in yard-potting up some plants for a rummage sale that the local cat resuce is having and working on re-doing another flower bed-it never ends!!

Later this morning we are heading north to pick up the rest of our milled lumber for our family room project and to drop off many many empty plant pots at my SIL's house. Hopefully we will be back before the rain.

The Fox River in Appleton is at 8.1 and flood is 8.4 which is expected wither Monday or Tuesday. There is one really old mill that was converted to apts that is sandbagged already. It was breezy yesterday and will be today to help dry up all that water.

I feel for the residents of Iowa and hope all the Iowa TCS'ers are safe and dry.

If no rain later today I would like to grill outside!!

Have a good day and weekend!!
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This morning i went out with a friend, met for breakfast and went to the flea market, i bought 7 bambels sp? and an asian teapot set all for 15 euros! was very amazed, gonna go back in a few weeks and pick up some more for presents.

It pretty cold over here all of a sudden, just had lunch at home and just waiting for bf to get ready so we can go down to the supermarket.

Going to a birthday party tonight, and going to another bbq lunch birthday tomorrow!
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We're not doing much today - rainy day. We plan to clean house today and clean all the critters (rats, geckos, ball pythons) and check for a clutch of eggs from one of my ball python females who'd due any day (I breed them).

Diamond needs a major brushing which I started outside earlier and then the bottom fell out of the clouds and we got soaked.

I need to run out to get some milk and bread some time today

Other than that, we're going to do what Karl calls "being real still" and I call "piddling"! Great day to curl up with a book!

We may grill some burgers later this evening and snuggle up for a movie this evening.
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Morning All!!!

Cloudy and damp here this morning, we has several really wicked thunderstorms overnight but things seem to have quieted down for now.

Heading off to work shortly, nothing to pressing to do today just catch up on paperwork.

After work I am heading down to the waterfront they are having tons of activities today plus some vendors so it should be interesting..Hopefully the rain won't have to much affect on it.

Kitties are all sleeping they were awake most of the night because of the storms so now they are being lazy...lucky kitties..

Everyone have a great day
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Going to a Flag Day ceremony at the Avi Casino.
They will be raising every flag that has ever flown over the US and the history of each flag.
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I am going to my mom's later for my daughter's little birthday party.
My daughter,Chloe turned 4 on June 9th,but because everyone was busy/working,we had to wait until today for her little party.
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Having my daughter's birthday party today.
She was 4 on the 9th,but her party is today.

It is cloudy,but warm today.
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Grocery shopping this morning. Finish up washing clothes. They are digging up our street and will be shutting off the water on Monday morning, so want to do whatever washing/bathing we need to do by Sunday night
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Today is going to be a really nice day, sunny and low 80s. I definitely want to work with the horses some while it's nice out. Other than that, I have no clue what's going on... have to wait till John gets up to find out!
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Sunny and nice here today. Having some friends come over and we're going to attempt to put an airdam and new bumpers on my Datsun 240Z. I don't know if we'll get it done....but should be fun.

Also going to a biker cookout tonite at 7, and then for a ride afterwards.
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This is my Son's birthday today.
We let him open his gifts last night.
Two of his cousins stayed overnight for video games and movies.
I am waiting for AM signs of life out of them to start breakfast.

Karate at 10 am.

After lunch I get to open up my Son's Laptop and see what he did to his computer
He is a littles freaked out about it because it wont load up at all anymore.

I'll take him out for birthday pizza tonight and let him try to beat me at Wii Fit when we get home!
I think his oldest cousin stays over tonight.
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My Friend from Fresno should be on a Amtrack right now coming here. she should be in around 8:30. She is one of the first people i met from online. We will go eat and maybe go to the Graffiti Car Show and Fest at teh Fruit Yard.
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First, have breakfast.

Then, listen to "Car Talk" and "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me...".

Waste time online, whining about wrist pain.
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In the town where i work in the library, we have a classic car/hot rod show today... it takes over the WHOLE old town/downtown area... and that's where I work. just like last year, I'll bring my digital camera and take some shots at lunch. maybe this year it won't rain at my lunch time!

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We've got to go shopping for new drinking glasses today. (If someone could please tell me how two people can use up to twenty glasses a day, I'd appreciate you'd telling us)!
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I am working 2-8:30 today. Thats about it for me. I have to get some groceries after work.
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Once DH drags his sorry butt out of bed and wakes up, we need to do our grocery shopping. Then we will be cleaning out our walk-in closet that is so jammed with stuff you can't walk in it! We will be making 3 piles. Stuff for the laundry, stuff to put in it's proper spot and stuff to bag and give to Goodwill.

Then I need to clean the bathroom. The tub needs a good scrubbing.
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Originally Posted by RubSluts'Mommy View Post
In the town where i work in the library, we have a classic car/hot rod show today... it takes over the WHOLE old town/downtown area... and that's where I work. just like last year, I'll bring my digital camera and take some shots at lunch. maybe this year it won't rain at my lunch time!

Have you seen my car?

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It was my SO's birthday on Wednesday so we just invited a few friends over today for some bbq and swimming.
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Spending the weekend at my in-laws for Father's day. It is hot (mid 90's), but gorgeous this weekend.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Have you seen my car?


I took a few shots, but since it was my half hour lunch break, I also had to eat! I'll post the shots later... once I've offloaded my poor little camera...

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Nice car Mike!! We actually heard a tip on car talk that Neil is going to investigate.
When we has the JD tractor sandblasted/painted rust has been clogging up the fuel line. His BIL gave up an idea about putting some type of pipe in the gas tank above the rim of the tank to prevent rust moving downwards but he is interested in the epoxying of the tank! Wait, Wait orginates from WI Public Radio I believe. But I like the grammar/spelling shows they have on in the weekend afternoons!
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We came up to Portland, Maine last night for a wedding today. We went to the wedding and then came back to the hotel and changed and went to Old Orchard Beach for a little bit to walk around. Then went out to dinner at IHOP and then came back and watched The Eye. It was a pretty creepy movie, but I thought it was good.
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