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Demetri, Farley and Ana snuggled up on the lounge last night

We love our big brother Demetri, he's a great pillow

Now lets snuggle on Ana, she is not amused!
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So cute! I love seeing piles of kitties snuggling together. I wish my 2 would snuggle
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Lovely pictures, gorgeous snugglers
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OMG Those pics are just precious
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Awwwww such cuties!!! My girls don't snuggle either
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I just love sleeping kitty piles. Your spotted ones are especially cute
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Cuuuuute kitty stack! Lucky! My girls don't cuddle together either, so I'm trying to be inconspicuous in my attempts to get my two new boys to snuggle up, ie, lay one up against the other when they're passed out. Maybe they wake up and think, hey, I get pretty good sleep with that guy?
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
OMG Those pics are just precious
looks like the perfect kind of snuggle to me!
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Absolutely adorable!
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