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Fridge peeker

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Do your cats look in the fridge when you have the door open? Popsie does this all the time. Then I have to gently nudge him out of the way so I can close the door.
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Pixel does quite often. but the other 4 usually aren't interested!
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Belle comes running when she hears the fridge open. She knows that's where human food comes from.

Our fridge was particularly empty the other day and both of them decided to hop up onto the bottom shelf and set up camp. It was actually quite tricky to get them both out with one hand (the other holding the door open).
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Yup.As soon as Hatchet hears the fridge door,he comes running!
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They come and look in, because that's where their gooshy food is. But they're both good about getting out of the way of the door when it closes.
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One of my cats not only pops her head in but trys to get her whole body in for a good sniff about.
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My baby does that once in a while, first peeks, then starts sniffing around.
As soon as she finds that there's no goodies for her, then she turns around & walks away
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All three of ours come running as soon as they hear that door open.
Annabelle and Elliott do stay back a bit, but Gracie would crawl in and lay down if I'd let her
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Socks usually sticks his head in the fridge when it's open, like there might be something interesting. Sass doesn't usually, but you better believe that she will be RIGHT behind you if you're cooking anything. She usually stands on her hind legs and paws at you or the cabinets... as if you're supposed to give her something

I once had a friend that owned several cats. They had a sign on their fridge that read "Check fridge for cats. This is not a joke!" I've always thought it was funny.
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They do if they happen to be in the kitchen with me. Otherwise they don't care.
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All three of my kittens have come to check out the fridge a time or two, but only Maggie seems really interested in it. It seems she doesn't quite get it yet that when the door starts to close, she needs to get her head out of the way! She keeps looking and looking until I leave only a couple inches for her, and finally she ducks out...Kitties are so silly!
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Trout couldn't care less about the fridge
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Gus not only looks in, If you don't watch he'll jump right in . I almost shut the door on him once
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We always have to push Lucy out of the way when we're in the fridge. She only likes her dry food so it isn't food. I believe that she thinks she can get to the back and get to stuff she's shoved underneath it.
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Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
One of my cats not only pops her head in but trys to get her whole body in for a good sniff about.
lol, both of my babies do that... i keep the leftover wet food from their last feeding on the top shelf and they see us get the food from the fridge... i guess they decide to go for a peek around for some yum yums...
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Stimpy likes to look in the fridge too. It's so funny since I usually don't give him anything out of the fridge.
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Riley would climb in and start eating stuff if you let him
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Rosie's the nosey one in my house when the fridge is open
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Oliver always sticks his head in the fridge when it's open, and if there's room for him, he'll climb in (all 17 pounds of him!). He does that with the kitchen cupboards, too.

Rocky is polite (or maybe just not very curious). He rarely checks out the fridge or cupboards.
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They stand behind me really still waiting because they now yummy raw food is in there. They watch to see what I grab. If they are full already only Cleo watches. He wants to eat all of the time.
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Linus does it too, he'll sniff at the freezer ( on bottom)and has jumped in more times than I can recall, makes me wanna throw him in a snowbank to see what he'd do...heehee
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Mine does, cat food is stored in the fridge. I sometimes have a kitchen cat, even though kitchen cat is not allowed on the counters, ever.
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Yes, Kitty does. He stands with his front end inside the fridge and will help himself to anything not secured with a big rope Even when I TRY to shut the door he`d rather be sandwiched in it than remove himself. He`s so greedy!
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Open the door, and Molly is guaranteed to appear, mewling and perching her front paws on the bottom shelf. She doesn't so much sniff around, she just understands that the fridge is where food comes from, and always has to come see it up close. Buffy also comes running when the fridge opens, but she figures mealtime is coming so she hops on the counter and then on top of the fridge (where she usually eats; drives my family crazy). Willow, the ADD-Ghost, does her usual appear-here-there-here-there-here-where?, but the circle of randomness is much closer to the vicinity of the fridge, lol

When Molly is nosing around in the fridge, my dog, Jake, is usually doing it too. Fortunately everyone's good about backing away from the fridge so I can close the door.
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My cats couldn't really care less if the fridge door was open or not, it's mainly the dog we have to keep and eye on
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