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Strange Chest - Please help?!

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I was playing with Pixel today after I got home from the store, and I had her standing on her back legs and batting at a toy, and I suddenly noticed something really strange about her chest.

Look at that. What is that, do you know? I felt it carefully (annoying her, of course) and it feels like she has more ribs on the left (right side of the image) than she does on the right. I am very nervous now.

Does anyone have any idea what this might be? I'm worried about my baby.
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My Kitten has Fcks. She is now almost 10 months. Where did you get the Kitten from? Here is a a link to fcks. http://www.ramesescats.co.uk/page14/page58/ I do not want want to say your Cat has that unless I know more about it. Oreo was about 10 days old when her and her Sister went flat.
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I have already looked this up, and am reading about it right now (on the link you provided and other links) and it doesn't seem right, because only one side of her chest is weird. She has a "normal" shaped chest, in that it is a vertical oval shape. But that sunken in side is really, really weird.

She is a lynx point Siamese (colorpoint shorthair) from a Siamese breeder. She is 13 weeks old.
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Maybe you should have the Vet look at it and see what they say. I am not sure what else it could be.
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Yeah, it's really weird. I'm almost surprised that the Vet didn't feel anything when I had Pixel there on Tuesday! I have no idea.

She is eating and using the potty fine, still sneezing/sniffling from the URI, but perfectly attentive and active.

She does do one weird thing though - whenever you pet her and she starts purring and she is next to her brother, she will try to nurse on him, and she will suckle on his side and knead him. It is kind of cute, but I don't know if she should be doing that. He seems to find it mildly annoying.

I am more worried about her chest.
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Kittens do that its normal. I would just ask about her chest.
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