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This is worrying. She should have had them by now. 1 hope everything is okay for her.
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She's about 2 years old and this is her first litter from what the vet said.
She doesn't seem to be in distress. She just sleeps, purrs, and licks a lot. If she was actually having hard contractions, i might worry a bit more, but the times she has, they've been very minor.
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She is the same age Meeko was when she had her only litter. She wanted Coco with her the whole time she was in labor. Keep watching her. She is a good age to have Kittens. Let us know how it goes. Does the Vet know how many she might have? My Meeko just had one Yoshi. I lost him on Jan 11 to they think Fip and Kidney Stones at age 5. I could not believe how huge he was when he was born and how he fit when Meeko is a small Cat. She never even looked Preg. Coco was huge and you would see the Kittens kick her hard. Do the Kittens kick alot>
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If the kittens are not born by morning, then call the vet and take her in. The first kitten may be having trouble.
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Well its 4am here and he opens at 8am, I'm taking her right in. I haven't felt a kitten kick since sometime early Saturday and it's not early Monday. I feel that I've waited too long due to no one being open on the weekend. The discharge coming from down there is a red/orange, thinner consistency. Anyone know if that is normal?
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I don't know where in Tennessee you are, but here is a number to an emergency vet in Nashville. They are open until 7am

Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic
(615) 383-2600
2000 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Most private practice vets have an emergency number that you can call too. I'm surprised that apparently the ones in your area do not.

Also, here is a link to the venterinarians in Tennessee.

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I over in West Tennessee. My vet opens in less than 4 hours. I will def be there then.
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Oh I hope she's ok. Sending good vibes
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I hope she is ok. That discharge isnt right. They might have died inside her.
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We should have heard something by now.

Sending lots of vibes!
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
They might have died inside her.
That's what I have been thinking since Saturday when she said there was no kitten movement

Even if the kittens had dropped down, there should still be movement from the kittens higher up.
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I hope mom and the babies are ok
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well this took a turn for the weird. I took her to the vet at 1:30, it was the earliest they'd see her and they did an x-ray and she had 1 hugeee kitten inside her! Atleast 6 inches long. Even the vet was amazed, because there is only a 1 in 100,000 chance of this mutation. She is currently having a c-section. The kitten will most likely be dead because in the x-ray its legs were stretched forward and its neck was back. They are saving the body for me to see. I'm keeping the x-rays too and I will def take pictures of them later to post and let you see. Natty should be just fine. I pray for a healthy, big baby but I know it's already passed... I'm very upset, I just don't understand why I've got to be the 1 in 100,000 that this happens to...
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Thats what happened to my friends Cat. I was afraid taht was the problem with your Cat also because the way her labor was. Yoshi was that big when he was born and I do not even know how Meeko had him normal. Its to bad you could have got to the Vet before it died.
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sorry to hear about the kitten, but glad Natty's doing well. will they be spaying her when they do the c-section?
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I just talked on the phone with the vet. Natty is just waking up. She had a very large male, tabby but he had passed away around Saturday night which was the last time I felt him move. They said that if his head hadn't bent back while the legs went forward, that she might have been able to push him out. And when they do a c-section, they automatically take everything out so she is spayed now. I can pick her up in the morning and they saved the baby for me to see. His name would have been Raven because that's what I wanted to name the first boy. so R.I.P. my little Raven.
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I am glad she is ok and sorry he died.
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I'm sorry that little Raven didn't make it! I'm glad that mom is doing well at the hospital, however. RIP Raven!
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I'm sorry about the kitten, but I'm glad that Natty is doing well.
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I am just reading this threat and wanted to say i am soooooooo sorry about little Raven! your story sounds very similar to mine but Angel never went into labor TG since she also had ONE BIG baby BOY and he was laying sideways. she ended up with a c-section and spay also. sorry your little baby did not make it.
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Thanks everyone, he was kind of on his side too, I get to see the body in the morning, I'll pick her up at 9:30... I'm lonely without her tonight, I cried on and off all night because I was sooo in to having the babies, and I had picked out names for them and everything, we were defiantly keeping one too... I just really don't see why it had to be me... But at least others are having healthy litters tonight on the forum, that makes me feel a lot better!
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I'm so sorry he died. Was this her first litter? So sad I'm glad momma is ok though.

If you were made space to keep a new kitten why not adopt one from your local shelter instead? It's kitten season right now and there are so many that need a good home like yours!
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I am so sad to hear this. I was so hoping for a good outcome. I can imagine you are grieving. You were looking forward to kittens and they are a joy.
I second the notion of adopting a little boy and name him Raven Jr. as tribute to the one who didn't make it.
I am glad Natty is doing ok.
I feel just terrible about this.
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Yeah my mom and I are defiantly considering a Raven Jr, we went to the shelter today but they had just "put down" for this week... I almost cried. They said to come back this weekend in hopes of finding a kitten.
I picked up Natty from the vet after that and she's currently sleeping next to me. I got to see the body and talk to the vet, he was pretty large, and he was tabby with white on his belly, paws, and face. They said that he was trying to come out sideways with his front feet forward but his head back, and that if he had tucked down, he'd have been able to be delievered... :sad:
He's now buried out back with my Nola & Stinkey....
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Oh, I am so sorry things turned out this way! RIP little baby boy!!!

Good that Natty is alright, tho'. And as you have indicated, you can give a home to a kitten.
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RIP Little Raven. I'm glad that Natty will be okay, and very sorry to hear about little Raven.

I hope that your family can adopt another kitten to fill the void.
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Thanks everyone!
We're in talks with the shelters in hopes a newborn kitten might come in, because the vet said Nanna might take it as hers, but I can always bottle it if now.
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I am so sorry also for your loss. I know you've been posting on my threads as well, and it hurts me to know you're grieving but still open to advice to give to others, especially on pregnancy and upcoming deliveries. I have told my hubby about your boy and he also thinks its so sad.

I have been thinking good thoughts for Natty though, as she will be ok. It would be aweful to have lost both of them. I always believe things happen for a reason, and maybe the reason could be another baby will need your familly very soon
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That's what my mom and I were thinking, we might have 2 babies that are 2 weeks old from my local shelter tomorrow! A white boy and girl
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any more progress on the babies??
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