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Nattys Having Them Now!

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I just walked in the door from a trip from NYC and ran to check on my Natty, and she's in labor!! Her water broke on the floor and she's got gunk and blood down there and contractions! She was due Tues but must have waited for me I'm staying on her the whole time with updates! I'll post again when I see a baby!!!!
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What perfect timing!! that everything goes smoothly!
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Keep us posted.
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Well nothing yet other than gunk, running blood and some mucus looking stuff, contractions are about a minute apart and she cries a bit now.
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Do you know how many she may be having?
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Vet said at least 5, maybe up to 7. He just felt, he didn't have a working x-ray machine at the time.
She just had a big thing of yellow/mucus looking stuff come out.
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She sounds close. Maybe she passed the mucus plug? You must be beside yourself with anticipation.
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Yeah I think so. It's been 2 years since I delievered babies so I'm sooooo excited!!
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Me too! I am excited for you!
I have a Queen at home that will be due in 10 days or so. I am glad to get an idea of what to expect.
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She's having contractions still, every few minutes.
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I know it has been awhile but I was not sure you were still up. Any news yet?
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They always seem to have at night. I cant wait to see them.
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I am watching this thread with anticipation as well. My Lily is due in 16 days and I'm so excited! I am watching every post and being reminded of birthing. I haven't delivered kittens for 10 years, but have fostered kittens since that time. I have been a midwife several times, and my parents' cat had litters frequently, so I'm exerienced. I must say though, that now that I'm pushing 40, I am much more aware of this pregnancy and all it's excitement.

I'm still watching!!
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Well it's been 24 since the mucus plug and still nothing more than gunk... Her temp is about 99 degrees and she seems okay. I'm worried something may be wrong, her stomach seems tighter now and I can't feel babies moving anymore but they seem farther in. She just cleans herself and lays around.
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It's been years since I've had a cat that had kittens, but isn't 24 hours of labour long? Have you called a vet? No kitten movement doesn't sound very good to me at all!
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I was thinking so too. He doesn't have an emergency number, and I think he's closed on Sundays, (tomorrow) but if she doesn't have them by tomorrow, I'm taking her somewhere. She's 67 days along today.
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I just did some searching on google on the subject and it said that her "stage" of labor can last 24-48 hours so I guess I'm just a worrier, but I'm just worried with not feeling movement. I think they've just moved into birth position farther inside her.
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Please keep us updated with anything new!!!!!

*happy dance*
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still no new improvements.
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Oh geesh I was sure I would peek in and you would have pictures. I hope everything is ok.
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yeah i know, she's still the same.... send me good luck vibes!
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If she's having mild constractions, things are ok. Its when they are in heavy labor with strong contractions and no kittens, then you need to worry.
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Okay good then, it's been about 40 hrs since she first showed signs and lost her mucus plug and still nothing more.
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I still think you should call a vet just to be safe!
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I would, but it being Sunday, everything where I live is closed and I can't find any emergency vet numbers, I even drove around to the 3 vets in my area.
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I was just on youtube watching kitten videos and I didn't think about it, but they kittens were crying and natty went insane! And now she's having contractions every 5 or so minutes!!
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If she dosent have soon you will need the Er somewhere. When they are that close together the Cat should have very soon.
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Yet again, they stopped and she's just sleeping again.... hmph.... today is 68 days so i'm kinda worrying now...
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Theres could be a problem. My friends Cat did that and they went to the Vet. She could not have them normal because the kittens were to big. How old is your Cat? My Coco was 10 when she had her only litter. She had 3 between 2-6am then nothing. We thought she was done. Then about 9 that night she has two dead Male Calicos. Her labor stopped in between and the Vet had told us she would have 3 Kittens. One of the dead had a deforemed paw. Coco did not need the Vet after and did great. She is my Cat that could not be fixed because it would have killed her. I hope your Cat has soon.
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