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Bad Storm!

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So I went to take Kumar out and I saw a lil lighting in the distance but I wasnt worried... I walk through the house to the backyard and when I get out there the whole sky was black! I said something to my mom in the garage then walked back through the house to the front yard to get Kumar... I was in the process of untying his chain she it started getting windy and a lil rain started to fall... I lead him up the porch (while still connected to the chain) when I heard a loud crackling noise and I looked to the sky (with a huge tree blocking the sky) and half the tree straight down the middle landed on the neighbors house!!! (mainly her porch roof but some on her house).
I heard the guy across the street screaming "Holy are you ok?!!" before I could respond thunder and lighting just started going and going and the rain got harder so I had my sister go tell my mom the tree fell over (forgetting the part of it landing on the neighbors house) so I had to run back and tell my brother and thats when he started freaking out! So my mom had me call 911 while my brother went to se if the neighbors were ok (the neighbors daughter happens to be here playing with my lil sister).
Then I went to se if Ginger and Buddy were ok and they were hiding under the porch and wouldnt come out... the storm hit so fast that we werent able to get the dogs in on time. Bonnie went inside when I called her but Buddy and Ginger were the problems so I had to get on my hands and knees in the mud and pull Buddy out and stick him inside... Ginger on the other hand was really difficult to get out and while im getting soaked and muddy my moms yelling (over the thunder) "Leave Ginger there and put Buddy under there!" WTH NO IM NOT so I ignored her and finally got Gingers collar enough to pull her out and bring her inside.
By then the guy across the street was on our porch (i guess he figure that our porch was brick and he was locked out of his wooden house so it was safer here) and he was asking if I was ok and that he thought the tree landed on me and everything so my mom invited him inside. So now the cops are out front and the dogs are in the downstairs spare room and im in my room feeding Itty Bitty... and im stressed cause of this and I never did find Jack today, but ill continue my search tomorrow.
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you poor girl your having such a wicked week I hope things get better for you!

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We've had some bad storms come through today, but nothing like yours! I would have been freaking! I love storms, but not those kinds.

I'm sure Jack will show up tomorrow. He was probably hiding someplace safe. I'm just glad no one was hurt! Did lightening strike the tree or was the wind so hard it split it? The wind split my MIL's mulberry tree 2 weeks ago and I'm heart broken. I LOVE mulberries.
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Ive been having a horrible day.. Im not sure if it was the Wind or Lighting, I couldnt tell. Jacks actually been missing for 2 days... I hope he comes back.
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Glad to know that only a house was hurt....now we can concentrate on "Come home, Jack" prayers and vibes
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