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**** Jack Update ****

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Well..... I've been at the vet since 6:00am this morning....

I woke up at 5:00am as usually - NO JACK!
I called for him, and I heard him wimpering under the bed...

I picked him up and he was ON FIRE, my little boy was sooooo hot!!!

I woke Nick up! We both sat on the bed looking at our little boy struggle to breath.

I reached out my hand to him, he licked my finger with all the energy his little body had, then he laid his head down!!

I called the 24hour vet - they said to bring him in......

I get to the vet and they take his temp. = 106.2

The vet injects cold saline under his skin to bring down his temp.... we wait it goes down to 104.6 - he is still too hot..... it's 7:30am

The vet asks me what happend the day before, I inform her that Jack had his last set of booster shots and a rabie shot.

She thinks my baby had a bad reaction to the rabie shot...

Finally at 9:00am his temp is undercontrol - 102.3.... (I have to check it every hour to make sure it does not go over 103.5) Jack doesn't not enjoy the butt check!!!

The vet also gave him an FIV test (SCARED ME!) and he tested negative.

We've been home since 1:00pm and Jack has eaten some baby food (vet said he could have this!) he is still not drinking water, As long as his temp stays low and he's eating he should be okay.....

Cooper is very sad, her little buddy is sitting in mommy lap and he doesn't want to play....

THIS IS NO APRIL FOOLS JOKE..... I've been crying all morning (I'm finally under control)

okay done venting.... I'm not checking out information on rabies and side effects on the internet.....

If anyone has any info I would appreciate it (MOD's sorry if I put this in the wrong forum!!!)
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OMG Lezza!!! What a horrible day! At least you found him when you did, poor little guy.

I don't have any advice, but I will send little Jack and you positive energy to get better.


I'll also move this to the Health & Nutrition forum where more of the vet techs and people knowledgable about reactions to shots are more likely to see it. Don't worry about posting in the wrong forum! You're a distressed Mommy, you can do that.
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I don't have any information on reactions to the rabies vaccination for you, but I am keeping Jack in my thoughts. I hope he feels better soon.
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I am glad he's okay. You got him to the vet in time
What other vaccines was he given? It's actually more common for the feline leukemia, or feline distemper vaccine to cause a reaction.
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As far as not drinking, drop a few drops of tuna oil in his water, or put an ice chip inside his mouth, and just gently clamp his mouth closed and stroke his throat gently to encourage him to swallow.

I am so sorry Lhezzza but glad you got him to the vet quickly.
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It sounds like you were pretty scared today...I know I'd be the same way! I really hope that Jack gets better soon. Please keep us all posted on the last developments! I'm sure you really need a hug right I'm sending you and Jack big bear hugs! (((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))
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Thank goodness you got him to the vet as quickly as you did.

Sending hugs to you and headbumps to Jack from my kitties.
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How is poor Jack this morning? Better I hope!
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OMG! Is he alright?? I hope everything is ok. Sending bunts from my kitties too! what ended up happening? is he alright?
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Oh No!!!

I'll pray for you and Jack!

How are you and he doing? Poor thing. Please keep us updated!

*hugs and prayers*
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I'm just seeing this thread now Lhezzza!!

I'm so sorry for you and Jack!! How is he today??


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Thanks guys for all your (((Hugs)))

My little baby slept at my side last night..... I kept waking up and making sure he wasn't too hot....

This morning he licked my cheek and bit Nick's toe.....
(He's feeling much better!)

I watched him drink about 1/2 a cup of water this morning
He ate a whole jar of chicken and broth baby food....

He gave me quite a scare..... I've never seen a kitten sooo hot....

We are still giving him the meds the emergency vet gave him, and we will be taking him back to our local vet on Friday for a follow up visit.

I never thought I would be the crying weeping type... but I am - It breaks my heart to see my babies in pain!!!

Thanks guys for all your support!


(Cooper is glad her little buddy is back too.... she was giving him a bath this morning!)

I called my local vet yesterday afternoon and he said he has never seen this reaction in a kitten.... He thinks it might have been the combination of the booster shot (FVP something or other) and the rabies shot.... He is very carefully looking over his supply of med to make sure they are not "bad"
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Thank goodness he is doing better. Yes, we want new pictures!
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I'm so happy Jack is feeling better... yay!! I know how awful it is to have your little guy sick. I can't wait to see new pictures!
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How frightening! I am so glad he is going to be ok.
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I just read this!!!!!!! I am So sorry that this happened!!!! That had to be so scary!!! poor little guy!!!!! I hope he is feeling much MUCH better now!!!! My prayers are with him. Keep us posted!!!!!!
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ohh how scary!! I am so glad he is back to normal now..*big hugs* to you all!
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I'm glad Jack is okay. We had the same experience in 2000, when our cat got his boosters (three-way vaccine for FPV, FHV-1, FCV, shots for rabies and FeLV and nose drops for FIPV)for the first time. Jamie ran a slight fever, vomited, and had the runs, starting about a half hour after the shots. He recovered quickly, but it really scared me. The following year our vet used a 3-way vaccine from another manufacturer, and gave him a shot to prevent allergic reactions. The receipt says "sc/im injection against allergic reactions", but in German, of course. Now he gets the shot every year along with his boosters, and there haven't been any more problems. Perhaps your vet can give Jack something similar.
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They are still checking into it..... apperently my Jack wasn't the only kitten to get sick...

The vet is checking with the manufacture in regards to the meds....

My baby is doing MUCH better!!!

He jumped into Nick's shower.... then jumped into bed with me sopping wet! - Little Monster!!!!
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Oh I'm so happy Jack is doing better. That is the worst feeling - helplessness when you baby isn't doing well. Max is only 3 and the worst he's had is an ear infection, so I've been so fortunate. I'm so glad he's doing better.

Max's Mommy
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If it wasn't just Jack, I would assume that maybe something was wrong with the vaccine. Thank goodness he's okay now. After going through that once, I'm always nervous when Jamie gets his shots. I've thought about reducing the number of shots he gets, but I live in a small town (population c. 9,500) where a lot of people don't bother inoculating or neutering their cats, and many of them seem to congregate in our yard (we don't chase them away, and have a couple of catnip plants and a pond). Jamie only goes out on the leash, but some of the neighborhood cats approach him, and he reacts violently (he attacks them). He also is a very good hunter, and I'm afraid of rabies being transmitted by the shrews, mice or rats he catches. Rabies is a real problem in this area - I've already witnessed foxes and deer being shot because they were obviously rabid - and the local authorities can order that all non-inoculated pets be put down if there are a lot of cases. There are also a lot of feral cats that have FeLV, FIP or FIV. It really makes me mad - cats seem to be viewed as "disposable" pets by a good percentage of us humans.
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Whew, I am so glad he is okay! My vet stopped using the combo vaccine because of that very reason; he had learned about the potential for reactions from his experiences and the experiences of other vets.
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