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Meet Salt and Pepper!

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The Rats that im Rat-Sitting (and hopefully adopting) finally arrived!!
The PEW (Albino) Dumbo is Salt and the Black Capped Dumbo is Pepper...


Pepper has two black spots on his abdominal area, its so cute! (Salt is in the box)....

Pepper again...

Not sure if you can se Salt in the Box...


Hes so cute!...

Salt and Pepper...

Heres there cage (10G Tank) (Salt was in the box)...

And heres what they were feeding them! ....

I so hope my mom will let me keep them!! they were also on Pine Bedding!! Now the Tank and the Bedding is a common mistake in first Rat owners... but the Rabbit Food! seriously!!! the Rat Food should be right next to it on the Store Shelf!!!!
These Ratties are about 7-8 months old and there already bigger than Temps!! (who is a Yr and 4 months old) I was shocked at there size when I saw them! I have now temporarily moved them into my 20G Tank, that'll do till I know if Im keeping them.

Heres a size comparison to Temps (who I thought was big!)...

And heres my 20G Tank there in now with Critter Care Bedding (Salt loves the box)...
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Awwww! They are so cute!
Thanks for sharing them!

Before I read the rest of your post,I was gonna tell you the 10 gallon tank is way too small! But you know! It is sad at how rats are treated.Many people think they can be stuffed in a cage and fed rabbit or hamster food!

Hope you get to keep them!
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They are adorable!
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When I had Hamsters.. I once sent my mom out to get me Hamster food (I couldnt go for whatever reason) and she came back with Guinea Pig food... lets just say I have to be there when she buys me pet for from now on

But even my mom noticed that cage was to small for Salt and Pepper.
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Haha...my mom would be the same way yrs ago.She would get the wrong food or whatever.However nowadays IF I need her to pick me something up,she is usually good at picking out the right thing.

I just got a new ratty the other day and he is a bareback dumbo and looks similar to your Pepper! I am gonna post pics now in a moment!
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Salt and Pepper are adorable! Rats are really smart, I wonder how bored those two poor babies must have been in a tiny tank like that with very little enrichment given to them. I hope you get to keep them, and provide them with a great place to live in, perhaps one of those huge cages where they can climb and explore.
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Let's hope you can keep these babies so they don't have to live like that anymore!
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