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Asthma??? Uri???

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Hi there,
I am back in regards to one of my cats. Thought she had Asthma, took her to the vet for the depo shot, we didn't do the x-rays, since I just had x-rays on ly other cat taken and couldn't afford them at the time. The shot didn't do anything for her, she started getting stuffed up, yellow/green snuddy nose, so I called the vet and asked her for some antibiotics, which we had gotten, finished the treatment and she was back to her normal self, I was happy. Now, not even 2 weeks later she is starting again!!! I have to bring in my toher cat , her shot is wearing off, and i cannot afford the x-rays for this one? Since the shot didnt not work for her and the antibiotics did take the symptoms away, what else is there that could be causing it? My vet charges $ 120 for x-rays.
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The Depo Shot dosnet aways work. The green stuff is a infection. Coco has had two Uris this year already that set her Asthma off. Her last Depo Shot did not really help her and she got a bladder infection. She is on Cefa Drops now. Do they know for sure if they have Asthma? Coco can not have the Depo Shot anymore and is on a Inhaler. Its not good to give the Depo Shot more then every 6 months. What Antibiotic is your Cat on? Coco has to stay on her Antibiotic for maybe 2 months. She finished one bottle then 4 days later the infection was back. This is a bladder infection she has. When its Uris she just needs 1 bottle.
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My foster kitty has Asthma, we did X-rays on her. My cat (Puddin) is the one that showed the same symptoms so we did the shot as well, and then she startet getting this green/yellow snutty nose and sneezin, watery eyes, so I knew it wasn't Asthma, more a URI. The foster kitty had one beofre so i was familiar with it. She took this very common antibiotic, forgot the name (white/yellow/blue bottle). But my Vet will not give further treatment now without the x-rays, so I am not sure what to do.
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Sounds like Clavamox. What is the Vet looking for in teh Xrays? Sounds like a Uri to me.
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yes, that was it. She took that, we finished that treatment and she was all cleared up, that lastet about 1 1/2 week and she is starting up again. The vet said we only know for sure what is going on with her if we do the x-rays.
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Originally Posted by scuns68 View Post
yes, that was it. She took that, we finished that treatment and she was all cleared up, that lastet about 1 1/2 week and she is starting up again. The vet said we only know for sure what is going on with her if we do the x-rays.
sounds to me like you need a new vet.
seriously - didn't he already do x-rays the 1st time? if it responded to the antibiotic before, it'll probably do so again...
maybe tell him if he feels it's necessary to do the x-rays, fine, but that you won't pay for them unless they show something besides a URI...
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Sometimes you have to change Antibiotics also when the uri comes back.
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Gosh, sure is something. I am waiting on a call back from the vet, see what they say.
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Sometimes Infections come back and you need more Meds. Its happened to Coco more then once. She never gets Xrays for that.
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Well, I am looking at it this way, if it was Astham, there should have been approvment after the shot, but nothingm, and the Antibiotic shouldn't have any effect, maybe I am wrong,. Well, she was fine with the Antibiotics, I seen approvement after the 2nd day and she got better and better until it was gone. WEll, not sure how to convinve the vet not to X-ray her, she won't give her anymore treamtnet she said if the Antibiotics don't work, but they did, just didn't last............ok, I am done....
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Depo Shots do not always work for Asthma. What made them give the shot? They do not help Colds.
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Because at this time, she sounded like it, she did not have the stuffed up nose or any symptoms the URI would show, so since I couldn't afford the X-rays she had gotten a anti flammatory shot, just checked her records, which didn't help. Than she stuffed all up and I asked to pick up the antibiotics, which the vet gave me, but she said that's it, x-rays will be the next step.
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