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My fosters - 2 helpings of cuteness

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As you know, I have two families of fosters and it is a while since I took and posted pix. So here is Charlotte's family, now 6 weeks old. They are all eating kitten food and using the litter box, and making a terrible mess of my old bathroom! CHarlotte is going to be spayed next week.

They all like to sit on top of their cage

Learning to use the litter box is much more fun if they all try together!

My second family, mother Samantha, is now 4 weeks old. They are still feeding from Mom, though I am trying to teach the bigger ones to lap, though they get most of it on their faces.

Mom and all the family

I take the three biggest out of the cage to allow mom to give the smaller ones some extra attention
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Awwww! They are all just precious! I don't know how you keep up with all those cats, though! Quite admirable of you!
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Wow, those are some beautiful babies! Having them doesn't seem like work though, does it? They are too cute to be upset about messes etc. and they just melt your heart.

I can't wait for mine to arrive...another 17 days LOL, yes I'm counting them down I am still a little worried about the birth because we're moving to our new house 2 days before Lily is due.
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WOW, Jenny, what sweethearts!
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Wonderful pics, you are a wonderful person for fostering 2 families, I have had mum and 4 kittens for a week, and they are such ahrd work!!
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That first group of kittens is almost a clone of Shinobi's litter. Though oddly enough, she didn't get any solid black ones, despite her being solid black herself.

Shinobi's Kittens
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Oh Jenny, what a wonderful thing you are I wish I could adopt them all, including the beautiful mommies!
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You warned me about the cuteness but... Awwww. They are so adorable.
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I keep coming back, and I keep seeing...

... "They're MINE you know -- don't forget that."
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AAAAAW. Now I really can't wait until my foster mommy gives birth! They are sooo cute. Makes up for any work I'm sure
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They are all beautiful!
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They are just adorable. I was standing in my yard last Saturday and 2 kittens wandered in. Their mother was killed on my street by a car and I now have them on my patio. I took them to the vet and they are 6 weeks old and are very healthy. I already have a dog and cat (one year) so I thought I would foster them. After one week I am so attached to them (Nick and Nora) that I cannot part with them.
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They are sooooooooo adorable!
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All kittens from both litters are now eating kitten food, and using the boxes, though there are still some accidents. I was worried for a while about the three smallest ones - a black and a grey from Charlotte's family and Samantha's smaller ginger one. But I supplemented them with three bottles a day, and also gave the moms some extra time with them, and it seems to have worked. They are all still smaller than the others but seem perfectly fine.

Charlotte was spayed yesterday, and the kittens hardly noticed she was gone. They played and ate as normal, though were glad to see her when she returned. She was distraught though, and I have never seen a cat behave on the journey like she did. Nothing I could say or do would calm her and I had to stop three times on a 40 minute route as I was afraid she was damaging herself in the carrier. Poor baby, she was terrified of the car and suddenly lost her kittens - how could I explain it to her? All is well now though.
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