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She is SOOO skinny

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My cat had kittens about 7 weeks ago. She is just, so so skinny.... I've been feeding her kitten wet meal and dry. I have no idea what else to do but she looks .......... Yucky. lol. Any ideas?
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I would take her to the vet asap.
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really? I mean, aside from being Skinny, she eats, and poops, and drinks.... She still has milk for her babies.... When I pick her up I can feel the milk and the kittens seem to be ok. Hrmm
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By the time they get done nursing a litter (and if its a larger one), they do look so skinny. I'd start weaning those kittens now and letting her reabsorb the milk. Keep her on kitten food for another month so she can get back into shape.

My rex females really got skinny for awhile around that age.
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Yeah. I have to ways of doing that.... I can either lock the kittens in their kennel together, or... I can put a tube sock around mom - I think she'd bite it off... not sure ( weaning ).

She just looks gross. I miss her when she was chubby!
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Maybe I'm a Paranoid cat mom but if something doesn't look right I take them to the vet. Getting to skinny and looking "yucky" would fit the criteria for me to make an appt. I hope your cat is ok
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Abbycats - this is normal for mumcats, including the yucky fur, it is because so much is going into producing enough milk, it drains them, and why continual litters aren't advised. When I look at the first and last pic of my first mumcat, there was such a big difference in her fur - she came to me when babies were 5 weeks old, and i think she was here for 3 months The mum cat I have now, I was surprised about, cos she has a sheen on her fur, it is the first mum cat I have seen with shiny fur, but she is very thin, and thinner since being spayed, i am yet to work out how come they go so much thinner at their back end when spayed.
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she should eventually plump up again once the kittens are no longer feeding from her, right?
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Yes, but keep her on the higher calorie kitten food for a good month till she regains the wait - then switch her back to the normal adult food.
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Ok, good.

I am taking her to get "fixed" July 2nd. Actually, taking her and the Pittbull ( Roxy ) in together to get done No more babies for this house!
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Yep, but it might take a while. I know we try and give the mum cat a couple of weeks after the babies have gone before being spayed, although the one I have now has had to be spayed already, kittens were 7 weeks old.
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