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It just breaks my heart!

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I don't know why I subject myself to Craigslist, but I can't seem to stop myself from looking, even though we're happy (and full) with our two kitties and one dog (and a menagerie of other pocket pets and herps).

I just went through ONE day of postings for the metro Atlanta area and I see all these kittens and cats up for adoption/sale and it breaks my heart that there are so MANY kittens out there needing homes. Then I think of all the blessed kitties and humans here who have found each other. I hope that each and every one of these kitties on CL are one day as blessed as ours are.

I wish I could take them all. It just really drives home the importance of spaying and neutering our pets.

I look at Sammy, my big handsome boy at 8 months, but yet an adult looking kitty that no one wanted to adopt for months on end - and tomorrow will be two weeks since he came home and he's my heart kitty. I can't imagine my life without him now. And baby Lexi - cute as a button - who wormed her way into our hearts as well. My heart overflows with love for them both.

I got nostalgic yesterday for the kitties that came before them and have passed over to the rainbow bridge, and I can't help but think that THEY are the reasons I have these two precious kitties in my life today. I could have decided that the pain of losing them wasn't worth opening my heart to new ones, but I KNOW that they would want me to honor their memories by providing a loving home to other kitties.

Midnight, Shasta, Chynna, Tyranny - you will be in my heart forever! Thank you for the many, many years of love and friendship!

Sammy and Lexi - I can't wait for many, many years of snuggles, purrs and head butts - my sweet, sweet babies!

Thanks for letting me wax nostalgic!
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What a sweet tribute to you RB kitties and your new babies.

I look at the kitties up for adoption here too. And just last week, one of my co-workers came up to me with pics of 3 little ones she was giving away.

If I didn't have my 2 sweet girls, I would have taken one.

I love my girls, even though Dusty has a bad habit of WAKING me up between 3am and 6am. LOL
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You're not the only one. I do the same thing, here in Baltimore. It is just troubling, especially the kittens. I don't want to seem hypocritical, though, because all my babies were adopted from craigslist, all 'free to good home'. While it is sad, here in baltimore, there are a lot of people who post letting their feelings be known when they don't feel pet owners ( trying to relinquish their companion animals ) are doing right by their pets. Although I agree; I wish the critics wouldn't be so blatantly rude and nasty to the people trying to find homes for their fur kids; because, as much as we disagree, if the harsh criticism continues, goodness forbid people start abandoning or tossing their companion animals in the street because they don't want to be a victim of craigslist critics.
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If things got to where I could no longer take care of Zane, I certainly wouldn't pass him off to some random stranger I hooked up with on the 'Net, just as I wouldn't (if I had children and couldn't take care of them) leave them on some random doorstep.

All too often, those taking cats and kittens 'free to good home' do so to sell them to medical laboratories, or even to use as--er--training aids for dogfighting. Black cats are used by Satanists; I won't say how.

No, if you can't take care of your furry children, pass them on to friends or relatives, or at least go through proper rescue organizations.
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