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todays trivia

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more adult men do this then adult women. what is it?

as usual a gift for the first person who answers correctly
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Pee standing up? Drink alcohol? Shave their face? Road rage?
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Think of having SEX!
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Wow, that's so vague, it could be anything from drinking beer to cheating on their partner!!
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Originally Posted by wingss2fly View Post
Think of having SEX!
Oooh, that's a good one!
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discuss their sexual problems
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nope...nothing to do with sex, drinking....
or any bodily functions..
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smoke? (more words)
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Play video games?
Buy cars?
Sell cars?
Read the newspaper?
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Wash their cars?
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I was going to say watch porn, but since you said it has nothing to do with sex I guess that's wrong

I'll say curse.
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I think the key here is the word "Adult"

I was thinking about the adult men and women that I know, and it seems that all of the men tend to have to borrow money from their parents more often than the women that I know. How about borrowing money from their parents?

EDIT: I just thought of something else. I was watching PBS and they had Suz Orman on talking about women and money. Apparently women have a poor relationship with money compared to most men and don't invest as much as men do, so men tend to have stronger financial portfolios than women do. So investing money?
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you're close my winnipeg does have to do with parents..but not borrowing money....
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Still living with their parents?
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
Still living with their parents?
yes!!! thats it!
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Originally Posted by mistressotdark View Post
yes!!! thats it!
And to think I just saw "Failure to Launch" the other day!
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