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Feline Liver Disease

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Just wondering if anyone here has dealt with this? My cat was diagnosed with liver problems, and now she has developed sudden weakness/wobbliness almost to the point where she is paralyzed almost.

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I wish I had a good story to share with you. It's very difficult to treat liver problems that have pregressed. I lost one of my special kitty's to a problem with her liver. Right now, all you can do is give her love, try and keep her eating, and keep her hydrated. If whatever is causing her liver to fail is reversable, she will be okay. I am crossing my fingers for you both that she's okay
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I just had to have a cat put to sleep in February who had Chlolangiohepatitis (a bacterial infection having to do with the liver) and also some degree of Hepatic Lipidosis. (Fatty Liver disease) We had a peg tube put in his stomach to feed him with. At the end of six weeks, all his liver values were back to normal-it is amazing how the liver can regenerate. Unfortunately, after the peg tube was removed, he developed a serious infection between the stomach wall and the abdominal wall and we had to have him put to sleep. As Sandie said, the keeping her eating part is very important-so the liver can heal. I hope things go OK for you and your cat.
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Well it's been 24 hours since Snoopy has vomited, she has managed to keep fluids and food down, which is a good sign. I looked at her eyeballs she's still jaundiced and still dehydrated. This central nervous pill she is on is probably affecting her bladder muscles cuz she had a boo boo on the couch lastnight

Still a bit wobbly but the vet said it's because of lack of food and water and her liver is compromised. I'm hoping she's turning the corner cuz at 4 yrs old she's too damn young to be put down.

Thing is I get criticized for not putting her down because her liver is compromised. Easy for others to say, not for me when I have been used to Snoopy hopping up in my bed nightly to sleep with me.

She must have been bone tired lastnight, she fell asleep on me and she was like a heavy log
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I'm glad she seems to be doing better. What are you feeding her?

My cat is recovering from hepatic lipidosis. He's eating and drinking much better now (it's been 2 weeks since he's started eating.) His stools are normal again, he's urinating fine, and he hasn't vomited in 2 weeks.

He was so sick -- lost 7 pounds, jaundice, weak, wobbly ... etc.
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Snoopy didn't get better she died April 3 2003
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Cabbie I am so sorry. It is so difficult for the liver to recover when it is diseased. I only know of one time where the person was able to pull her cat through and it was touch and go from the start.

My heart aches for the pain I know you must be feeling right now. Please know that in time, the healing will begin for you.
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