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.... Im foster Mom again... sorta...

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Im mad at my lil sister for grabbing him/her up... but than again.. this lil guy/girl would have been run over if she hadnt .....

So about 8pm last night (6-12) I went outside to ask my lil sister if she had to use the BR before I got in the Shower (we only have one BR)... and before I could get out the door I hear this weird chirping sound and my lil sister and her friend came running up the porch saying they "caught" a Baby Bird.
So I was like "That was Retarded" and they handed the Baby Robin over to me (idk if I already told you guys this but in FL I took care of Orphan Muscovy's and other baby birds.. hence them bringing it straight to me), the next thing I know the kids across the street (there actually my age, hehe) came over to my yard asking to se the Bird... then the girl goes on saying "I spotted the Bird hopping across my yard and I went out to check it out then it jumped in the road and was run over by 2 cars (but not hit) so I ran over to se if it was ok and the get it out of the road.. but I didnt want to touch it.. thats when your sister got it"...
wow! lol the Itty Bitty thing has some adult feathers coming in but not enough to fly (maybe another week?) and s/he cant eat on his own yet but s/he is eating food.... so im taking care of him/her.
Yesterday there was a Worm in the yard... now its gone... so I got Itty Bitty settled in the spare Bird Cage we have and headed out to the yard to look for Worms... I dug and dug (thank goodness I hadnt taken my Shower yet ) and didnt find one bug... so for now till I can get Itty Bitty something im feeding him warm soggy Dog Food (I noticed the Robins always stealing the Puppies food... I figured it would work till tomorrow)... Im guessing s/hes about 10 days old, so if I can get him/her to hang on another 5-8 days (give or take) than itll be time to release Itty Bitty... Thats my plan at least, I hope it works.
Itty Bitty Frankenstein!...
s/hes calm and eating fine....

Robin Colors...

Hopping away!...

Oh and btw.. I still havnt gotten my Shower .. but im headed there now! lol its only 1:14am.
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Day 2 Update:
So Itty Bitty is still here... and as plump as ever! lol hes eaten like once/twice every hr since 7am.. and ive yet to eat and its like 2:30pm.... can you se my passion for Animals now
S/he kept fluttering his/her wings in his cage a lil bit ago so I let him/her out to stretch and s/he ran up to Kumar (Kumar was sleeping) and Itty Bitty hopped on Kumars Feets and it startled Kumar! Kumar jumped around to sniff the "intruder" and Itty Bitty just sat there... then Kumar walked away
Itty Bitty is now trying to climb up the wall... lol s/hes so cute!!!

Oh can you send vibes for a good growth for Itty Bitty? Thanx

Pics Coming Soon!
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What a little sweetheart!
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Im gonna have to label myself as Wild Bird Step-Mom... You know, ive been taking care of orphan baby bird (of all types) since I was like 10... not all of them lived but I have release quite a few... and even one stuck around the house on time and never left.
OMG the cutest thing happened yesterday! lol right after I posted that last post Kumar was sleepin on the floor again while Itty Bitty was roaming around, well Itty Bitty seems to like being in high places so s/he (I think its a she so im gonna say she from now on) went and jumped onto Kumars Head! Kumar jumped up while Itty Bitty fell to the ground (unharmed) and Kumar just sat there with this surprised look on his face!!
Here are some pics from yesterday....

"I know theres a way to get higher... but how?"


FAIL... Again....

"Hey you!"

Step One: Watch the Prey carefully....

Step 2: Make the approach and plan the Attack...

Step 3: If all goes wrong.. sit quietly and stare (right after Itty Bitty pounced Kumars Head)....

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She fell in a (empty) cup!

"Feed Me! Feed Me!"

Feeding Itty Btty...

I noticed Itty Bitty wanting more attention lately.. like last night she snuggled up on my chest and fell asleep, and when im feeding her she'll hop from her cage to me to eat and... she REALLY REALLY wanted to sit on my head...

These 2 pics are from this morning right after I fed her... I LOVE THESE PICS!! (sorry there a lil blurry.. I was zoomed all the way in)...

Itty Bitty's been using her wings a lot today... so im sure she'll know how to fly pretty soon. She still has some baby feathers so its not time yet.
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How sweet. My friends own a specialty pet store in NH and they also hand rear all sorts of birds, so people will bring by baby birds they find. When I was there over Memorial Day they had a baby robin as well. They were feeding him live crickets and earth worms that they sell in their store and then also offering him water out of a syringe. He looked the same age as the one you have!
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I'm so glad you are helping this baby bird ^_^

Adorable pics! =)

:; ;:
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Day 4 Update:
So Itty Bitty is "Fluttering" a lot more!! I call it fluttering cause she doesnt go far and there isnt really a landing yet
I had her on my head yesterday and she fluttered from my head to the top of my Comp screen! which is about 28inches between... it took her 3 tries before she actually landed!
Then my mom hadnt seen her since the night she arrived so after feeding I took her downstairs to show my mom and while I was sitting on the floor with Itty Bitty she flew from my hand to my head!
Then, in her cage she has 2 perches... they were both about 4 inches from the bottom of the cage so I moved one up about 4-5 inches to se if she'd use it and she does! she flutters from the floor to the perch with no problem!! The time is getting near!!

And shes uber smart! I was feeding her one night and she was on the floor of her cage (this was before I moved the one perch up) and while I was getting more food she flew up to the cage door so when I turned around she was perched right there waiting! She'll perch on my finger and stay right there... and we even had a convo last night! lol she was sitting on my desk chirping away so I lightly whistled and she looked up at me and changed her chirp to a light quick soft chirp and I whistled and this kept going back and forth for about 5 min!! lol
She wakes me up in the morning when shes hungry... all she does is chirp once and im up getting her food (im a light sleeper).. and when im sitting at my desk, her cage is right next to my desk, she chirps when shes hungry and I noticed she makes light soft chirps when shes done.
This morning she let me sleep in till noon before asking for food... she usually chirps at about 8-9 ill feed her, go back to sleep than she'll chirp again when shes hungry and by that time its about 11 so I just get up... well this morning I woke up at 12 to my brother asking for the phone and she hadnt made a noise, I was kinda worried (she has a cage cover over her cage at night) and the min I stood up out of bed she started chirping... shes such a sweet lil thing!
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