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Remifemin free sample?

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Ok so this is really about my mom but I know we have people of all ages on here, so I thought maybe people could help

I frequent a "Freebies" website like once a day - it's apparently a woman who kinda checks out all the freebie offers and lists the ones that are actually free for others to take advantage of... well awhile back, I had completed a form for free menopause stuff for my mom - it included samples of regular Remifemin and the Remifemin night time stuff... well she had to wait until her anti-cancer meds were changed recently before she could try them.

She's really interested in the night time stuff in particular. The sample is a week's worth, but it says on the package it usually takes up to 12 days to work. So I tried googling "Remifemin free sample" and every link I got sent me to the product website where the offer has expired due to an overwhelming response. So does anyone know any place I could find more free samples for her? She wants to make sure it really works for her before she goes buying it - she has terrible times sleeping since menopause and beating breast cancer and most of the prescription stuff she's tried that's ok to take with the cancer meds don't work or the side effects aren't worth it.

Thanks in advance!
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Have you/she tried checking with her doctor to see if he has some samples he could give her to try it out??
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I used to frequent those sites a few years ago, often times if you send a nice email to the company or ring the customer service line they will still send out samples even if the offer has officially closed.
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Thanks guys

I thought about her asking her doctor - not sure which one would be the right to ask haha (she has to see lots every like 6 months or so due to the cancer to make sure it doesn't come back) - maybe her OBGYN? I'll mention it to her.
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