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Im trying to tell her..

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Earlier today my friend wrote a bulletain on myspace saying that her cat had her kittens. she said that if anyone wanted a kitten to let her know, and that they would be ready in 1 1/2-2 months. !! being a cat lover, (and im sure she is too), i thought i would let her know that she should wait until they are 3 months old before giving them away. alot of people dont know that, they think that they can give them away at 8 weeks like puppies. i wanted to tell her it would be healthier for the cat if she got her spayed after these ones are weaned, but i didnt, i dont know if she plans to, and it isnt my business. she replied to me, saying that the vet told her that they would be ready by that time. and that she was just looking for people who might be interested, which i would do too. i replied back, but i didnt push the issue. i just said that i wished i could take one, but that i couldnt. i just wish that she would take what i said into consideration ya know? i was just trying to let her know, since i thought she would want to know that. i guess not

ETA: i forgot to say that she posted pics of the kittens... they are so CUTE! and the mother is beautiful too..
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You would do her more of a favor by listing the reasons why its best to keep everyone together for 10-12 weeks. Even tho they may be physically ready to leave at 8 weeks, emotionally/socially its better to wait.

Send her to this site to find out why its so imporatant. We'll be glad to set her straight
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Well, she wrote me back again, saying something about the last litter, how she waited too long to look for interested people, so i sent her the link for TCS. hoping that she might come on here & read some of the stuff on here. you know about keeping the kittens til theyre 3 months & maybe even think about getting her queen spayed. the cat is a manx or something, & i dont think the kittens are purebred but im not sure. i doubt she is breeding on purpose.
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Keep working on her Especially to get mom spayed now before she winds up pregnant again!
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I got my last two Kittens at 3 Months. It is better when they are that age. I have got some at 4 weeks old also. It is better to wait until they are 3 Months.
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Yes. My first set I got at 3 months and my second set I rescued at 5 and 6 weeks. It was easier to deal with the first set. They were not as hyper. But since she owns the Queen she needs to be open to suggestions and info.
I come here to learn and I am a better Meowmy for it.
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