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Interview for first part-time job!

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Just wanted to brag a little bit, I just got a reply(finally) from one of the many places I applied to for my first job! I am sososo nervous, as I have never worked before, and they want me to go in to an interview later today!

Anybody have any tips for me, or things to tell me to expect? This is just the local fast food place, an A&W joint. Still, very excited as I need the experience, and the money to help support my horse!
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I can help you. I used to hire for a fast food place. Make sure you dress decent. Work Weekends and nights also if you can. Mgrs like that. Guest service is number 1.
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Congrats! I hate job interviews and I've had a ton. They aren't fun, but necessary. I agree, dress nice. Don't have to get fancy, just a pair of dress pants and a nice top. Shake the interviewer's hand and look him/her in the eye. Think about your reply before you say it. Be flexible with your hours unless there is absolutely something that can't be changed (class schedule, doctor's appointments, etc). Be eager. Be honest about not having experience but emphasize that you are willing and eager to learn. And, basically, just be yourself!

You will do great! Let us know how it goes!
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"get the job" on the way!
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hope everything went well I remember my first job interview (KFC) and I was soooo scared! heh so I know how you feel and i'm sure everyone else here does as well
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Thanks for the vibes and well-wishes guys! Also some great tips!

Good news! I got the job!! My new boss says she will call me Monday after classes so we can schedule some training days. Till then, she gave me some 'homework' (sigh ) and some quizzes that the company needs done by all employees about food safety etc. So, not too pumped about the 'homework' but I know it has to be done, and I am super happy to have got the job!

And I am going to be working evenings and weekends, starting at minimum wage for training, but raising based on performance, once I have the experience to be self-sufficient.

So ya, just had to share the good news!
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Congratulations, that's great news!!! I hope it goes well
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Congrats on getting the job!!
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woooohoooo! the job isn't that bad my bf's little brother works at the A&W here and he's been there for 3 years
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