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Feliway question

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I just received a shipment of new furniture and I was sure to use Feliway around the base of all the furniture so hopefully my kitties will not find them to be even more scary new things. But I was afraid to spray it directly on the new fabric furniture or on to the leather parts for fear of I don't know what, staining? I just could not find it in me to spray something on brand new furniture when the bottle itself says nothing about NOT staining. Are my fears unfounded?
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Ive never used the spray but Ive never heard of anyone mentioning staining. You could spray it on a tiny spot on the back of the furniture or remove a cushion and spray it at the base of the back/side where it would be covered when the cushion was put back to test it.
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I've never heard of it staining. Can you test just a small tiny area? I'm not sure I could spray it on brand new furniture though.
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Spray it on a small inconspicuous part first - maybe a small area that will be against a wall? That way you can be sure it won't stain. I sprayed my leather dining chairs with a cat repellant (actually I doused them with it to try and keep them off), and the chairs survived the dousing no problems, but didn't escape the cat claws.
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Or maybe spray it on towels and drape the towels around the furniture until they're used to it?
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Or maybe spray it on towels and drape the towels around the furniture until they're used to it?
That's a great idea. I could also spray it some of my old clothes and leave them on the new furniture for a while. Why didn't I think of that? Well, that's why we have The Cat Site!
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Lee, when i moved into my new house i had new furniture a few days later, but all i did was to spray the feliway in the air 3-4 times in all the rooms twice a day and it relaxed them fine. I also sprayed their blankets with it as well
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I bought the diffuser version of Feliway (its a plug-in) and the spray for my kitties. I've been spraying my beige carpet alot with it (new kitten ) and haven't noticed any staining. You want to make sure you spray more than just the new furniture too so the whole room (house maybe?) smells relaxed to them. Some furniture is treated with stain repellant anyway, so thatw ould make it easy. I do really like the Feliway stuff (much cheaper online too)
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I've used it on my furniture (fabric couch and chairs) with no staining at all. I tried it on the back of one chair first to see if there were any changes to the fabric. After a week I started using it on all of my furniture the kitten was scratching on. It worked wonders. He would not scratch on anything that was sprayed. I only have good things to say about the product since it's worked wonderfully for me.
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Where do you folks typically purchase Feliway online?
post #11 of 11 is where I got mine and it was almost 10$ cheaper than at the pet store! They charged me shipping, not sure if there's a way around it.
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