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Driving under the influence

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You gotta hand it to this guy
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wow that guy was really good for someone who was drunk! wow I can't even say the alphabet backwards when i'm not drunk!

oh! and I totally loved his dance!
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i can't believe all the stuff she had him doing!
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LOL! it was a bit ott wasnt it? I got a job to remember the alphabet forwards when I am sober
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I nearly peed myself when she started to have him dance!

I read the comments and people are saying it's "Reno 911." Not sure what that is, but according to the comments it wasn't a real event. Still funny though!
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That's a clip from the show on Comedy central called 'RENO 911' which is one of my favorite shows.

Dangle rules!
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It's definitely not real, but very funny!
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Yippers, that's Reno 911! alright. Funny, funny show.
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I got suspicious when the "officer" started choreographing.
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wow, I thought it was real until she started to get him to dance...Still, I nearly peed myself laughing at the end, when he said he wasnt a dancer, just drunk
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Wow, and can't do the alphabet backward sober.
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I love Reno 911
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I just took a defensive driving course, and cops are not allowed to ask someone to recite the alphabet backward. This was according to a man that had been a traffic cop for 30 years, some of those miitary.
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