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Too much love!

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This is more of a rant than asking for advice, but my about 3 month old former feral kittens are driving me up a wall. They love me too much, and won't let me sleep at night. They're always rubbing their cold, wet, whiskery noses against my face at 2am. I love that they're so affectionate and sweet, but... I need my sleep!

I don't have a door on my bedroom. I have heavy drapes over the doorway to contain the cool air from the A/C. I like having the cats sleep in bed next to me. Gracie, my 4 year old, snuggles nicely and quietly alongside me most every night, all night. It's comforting, and nice and warm in the winter. Plus, if locked out of the room, I just know they'd yowl and scratch at a door all night.

When Gracie was young, she'd wake me up in the night, but mostly just making noise. I used a squirt bottle on her, until I realized that she liked the squirt bottle and was waking me up TO BE SQUIRTED! Gracie's kinda dumb.

I don't want to punish Pippin and Fergus for being loving and affectionate. They've come a long way from the scared little ferals who'd hiss every time they saw me. And the logistics of squirting them when they're right in my face would be kinda difficult anyway. Maybe I'll rub bitter apple all over my face before bed. I'm sure my husband would love that if he tried to steal a kiss.

Mostly, though, I'm just whining. They'll grow out of it, eventually, right? Right?!
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All I can say is "lap it up" because the day will come (when they're older) too soon that you won't have it and will miss it!
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Larke is so right. My youngest was awful about licking me in the face too but recently he's begun growing out of the habit and sleeping elsewhere like a big kitty. Suddenly it's not so annoying.
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