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Luna the Ninja..

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Luna is getting big, it seems like just a 2 weeks ago I could hold her in my palm, now she barely fits in my to hands.

She also got a weird taste. Luna likes crawling all over me, when my girlfriend or I sit behind computer she jumped somewhere around the knee and crawls with her claws up top. Than runs all around the body, especially liking the area of the neck. Sniffs ears, nose, mouth and purrs all the time. With me she usually lays on my chest with her face just inches away from eyes, she stares at me and purrs like a big motor.

I think a day or so ago I took her bowl and started cleaning it. She must've been hungry and she again jumped on me and clawed her way towards my waist. Where she proceeded licking my jeans and staring at the sink where her bowl was washed. In such an odd manner I went into the kitchen to fill her plate. She was still hanging off of me purring all the way. Only once we made it safely back into our bedroom and the bowl landed on her feeding place she let go off me and started eating...

Anyone ever have that happen? She has pretty sharp claws, but I'm thick skinned and don't mind. It actually tickles me and I really, really love our little purr box.

PS: She has a terrible fascination with feet. She licks mine whenever I go to the bathroom, shower, just plain walk around or wake me up when she's biting them when I'm asleep...
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Aren't kittens fun?! They literally do get very attached to you.
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Arwen is no longer a kitten, but she never ceases to amaze me with her weird and wonderful behaviour Same as Shark...
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I got climbed on today by the kittens at work. I was wearing capris so they just jumped for my knees and crawled up. I had one on the back of the computer chair at one point... he climbed up my back and sat on my shoulder for a minute... that was funny
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