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Robin's Nest!

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We have a robin's nest on our front porch. A few weeks ago I saw a robin checking things out around here, and she decided that the left pillar that supports the balcony was the most perfect spot to make a nest. Just today I noticed her sitting there looking absolutely adorable and comfy, but when I tried getting pics she flew into the maple.

Doe you think we should charge rent?
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I love your new neighbour. maybe you will get to see some little ones
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Smart mommy! She picked a good spot- easily defended and sheltered from rain! And she has a good landlord, right?
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Awwww, too cute! I hope you get to see the littluns!
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That does look like the perfect spot too! I wonder how many eggs are in there if any yet. Can't wait to see update pics
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awww I love birds
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Just make sure you give the family a wide berth whenever you want to pass by -- else you'll more than likely get divebombed by Mum or Dad. Not fun.
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What a smart mommy!
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