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Please Sign This

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didn't know which thread to put this on;please sign the petition; don't watch the video its too graphic;!!!!
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those poor animals >.< I signed it!
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I signed it. This stuff makes me so mad. The chinese are barbaric in the way they treat animals.
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i signed it! although i must say that i did watch the video, & it broke my heart!

those people make me sick, & sooo angry!
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i got my partner to sign it aswel!
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I hate China....always have, always will...
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I signed it too.& I don't like China, & never will.
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I signed as well. and even though the original poster warned not to watch the video, i started to watch anyway, but turned it off seconds later when they were slamming that poor, helpless raccoon ?? on the ground. i cant bear to see something like that being done to an animal. i wish i would go there and do that to all those people who would participate in such a cruel act towards helpless beings. i wanted to actually become a member, but it says there is a application fee, which i cant pay right now, i have to save my money, anything extra goes towards food & litter & toys for the kitties. i have never owned any fur, & i would never own any unless it is faux. why do they do that? why kill an animal for its skin? if it has to be done, why cant it be done when the animal dies, naturally? ughhh i want to KILL someone
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Signed! Sometimes what humanity does leaves me speechless.
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