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Daily Thread Thurs June 12th!

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Morning folks!

Its going to be another hot one today

I am not up to much..just working and then heading home tonight.

Have a great day everyone!
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It's very cool here today My plants and lawn got a good drink last night because it poured down

Going out for dinner with friends tonight. Apart from that nothing else happening?.
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very cool here as well today is a cleaning day and I just found out my neighbour died last night!! I was very surprised he was only in his 40's poor guy poor mother of his May he R.I.P
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So far cool too. Only 68F right now and the rain has once again started-we are in a hazardous weather watch/flood advisory/flood watch and something else.
The flood watch is for the Fox River in Appleton,WI and I just acquired a client this week who has riverfront property and had thought of weeding this morning-I'll have to call her tonite to get an update. Oh and I had to clear the gutters in the rain in the thunderstorm-yay!!

So I working feverishly planting stuff in my yard this morning and cleaning up around my garden shed. So with rain now for the rest of the day I will "relax"

Have a good day!!
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Weather looks nice outside. It's a cool 76F (24C) in our apartment.

Today is my birthday, but I have a final exam to go to in an hour and a half.
My stomach is full of
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It is not too hot here today. 22 and is supposed to get up to 26 and feel like 30.

I am not doing a whole lot today. Just trying to figure out still where to have the wedding ceremony. There is a church I really like but I am trying to find out how much it is going to cost and they haven't answered me yet.
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Evening all!!!!

Missed the thread this morning because I couldn't log into the site for some reason..Needless to say I was in TCS withdrawal all day...

I just got home from work and am just puttering at the computer while I wait for my penne to cook. I am making a nice pasta salad with chopped chicken, celery, onions, pickles, and miracle whip. I also stopped by the farmer's Market and picked up some fresh strawberries and yogurt for dessert..

Nothing much planned for tonight, tired out for some reason so guess I will just take a nice soak in the tub and head off to bed early..

Kitties are good, chowing down right now...

Everyone have a good night..
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Well we've had an interesting day!

On the way to work, our car's brakes were vibrating. When we got to DH's work, I smelt hot metal. Turns out a brake caliper was locking up the brake rotor, causing the vibration and horrible gas mileage - as it was basically dragging the wheel along as if we were applying the brakes! Luckily a guy who works next door let Rob take me to work in his car, since I couldn't just call out (well, I COULD, but I feel bad because I'm already taking Friday off).

Rob started the brake-repair project, while trying to run the shop he works at since his boss is out of town for the weekend on a camping trip with his kid. We had to leave Charleston by 3pm since my brother's graduation was tonight, and it takes 3 hours to get to NC from where we were! Rob didn't come to get me from work until 3:30pm, so we were running late for the graduation (which was at 8, but we still needed to go to my parent's house to get the tickets and to pick up my dad since my mom rode with my brother). Then we hit traffic in Charlotte. Ughhhh. But we made it to the graduation by 7:30pm, so we were on time, and my mom was able to save some seats for us even though they said they weren't allowing it. (For my HS grad, my parents were in the nosebleed section, Rob was sitting up front).

After the graduation, Rob and I picked up Sonic for dinner for everyone (we were going to get Chinese food, but they all closed 3 minutes before we were going to leave to get it!). Now I'm about headed to bed, mom and I are going to Carowinds in the morning Poor Rob will be left at home with my dad and brother all day, but he'll probably fiddle with the car before we go, then fiddle with my brother's car. He also wants to explore a store called Tool World. Men.
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