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Help support this Australian bill!

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There's a bill in Australia they are trying to pass to regulate the sale of pets from pet shops. Currently in pet stores, the animals generally come from puppy mills, which they are trying to put a stop to.

Here's the website http://www.leadtheway.org.au/

And here's a blurb on what it's about:

Put simply, the objective of the Animals (Regulation of Sale) Bill is to protect the lives and well-being of dogs and cats by prohibiting their sale at pet shops and markets, regulating the advertising of mammals and ensuring that prospective purchasers are fully informed of the animal’s special needs and requirements.

This does not pertain to livestock or farm dogs, it aims to regulate an industry that is faced with significant issues of animal cruelty and unnecessary deaths.

Whilst it is common practice for registered breeders & rescue shelters to ensure animals are properly vetted, desexed, and microchipped, in most cases, pet shops will not even provide a family background. The lack of regulation, and any kind of reliable evidence to the contrary, means puppy farms and unregistered backyard breeders continue unabated. Even if a pet shop claims that it doesn't buy from puppy farms, there is a good chance that it buys from a broker that does.

The Bill aims to address this, and to reduce impulse buying of dogs and cats by restricting sales to registered breeders, pounds, animal shelters and veterinary practices who will be required to provide extensive written information about the special needs of the animal, including anticipated costs. This will encourage people to make informed choices and to consider their animal as a long-term commitment.
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I heard that they had stopped doing it in Melb as at the end of last year.
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That's great!! It always disgusted me in the pet stores that they would sell regular, plain old, tabby kittens for $200! And they were often without vaccinations, and unfixed. The RSPCA would adopt out kittens with all vaccinations, and fixed for a lot less than that. As well as that, a friend of mine got a kitten from a Pets Paradise who was only 8 weeks old!!!! I was so disgusted...

I think it will be awesome if they can pass this in NSW, then the rest of the country.

Those non-Australians out there - feel free to put your name on still. I think it would be good to see there's worldwide support for such a bill!
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I signed it woooohooo stop hurting the poor babies
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Thanks for the link I never new this bill existed so with out your thread I would not have singed it

here are some good vibes for it's passing
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I know, I was so peeved off when i went to a few pet stores last year to not find anything to buy for the cats, they have no cat treats, barely any cat toys, and then i see gazillion of puppies and kittens in the windows.
After such dissapointment last year, I have decided to open a Cat shop. The best part is, my FH doesn't think i'm crazy
Anyway I am campaining for any animal to be in a shop, other than small mice and fish ect.
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
I heard that they had stopped doing it in Melb as at the end of last year.
I think all they did was put some regulations in place. Cats have to be a certain age, vaxed and microchipped in Vic.

I know people on an Aussie forum who are forever ringing the RSPCA to come and check out shops that have un-vaxed kittens.

I only shop at Pet Stock, they don't sell cats or dogs.

There's another site that's been around for a while, it also lists the federal ministers you can write to. http://www.saynotoanimalsinpetshops.com/help.html
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