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Update on 5 weeks old kitten over fence

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So He's cleaned up with the Natural flea killer shampoo, but it will take a few applications to get rid of all of them. Although he's so young I put a flea collar on him to help. I parked my rear on the floor of Petsmart for an hour reading all the boxes because I know how toxic they are. I'm watching it closely. Poor thing was dripping blood when I washed him again today. I have never seen fleas so bad.
Something gross funny (in hindsight) After his flea bath I had the blowdryer on it on low temp, low blow and he crawled up on my shoulder behind my back to get away from the wind.... where he crapped on me! I literally scared the crap out of the poor thing!
Anyway, aside from ear mites, fleas and obvious malnutrition it's fine. Gums are nice and pink, skin snaps back, his belly is full but not bloated.
The breeder agreed that he didn't need to see a vet right now as I'm doing or have done everything we can, but took a stool sample (looked good, pea size but firm, no worms visible) for her vet to run. So basically we're waiting on the tests and then I'll take him in for blood work. This is a great kitten, he purrs and purrs no matter what you do to him. He tried to hiss at me when I was first walking in and I was like "really little dude? whatcha gonna do?" He's coming around and is beginning to seek my fingers for rubs, play with toys, extend his tail rather than keep it up under himself and sit at the front of the cage rather than under the blankets in the back. He's even using a litter box (with attract).
With a little playtime and affection this sweetheart is going to make someone an excellent indoor pet. Not only is he loving but he's a beautiful long hair seal point. I have to say he is just stunning. My kids are chomping at the bit to get in to see him but he's in quarantine untill all the tests come back and the fleas are gone.
My cats are outdoor cats only as they all came to me as strays and the only ones left are the ones I haven't been able to rehome as indoor cats. They are collared, fixed, have vaccinations and various shelters throughout the property though and that's the best I can do. Because this one is so small, after it's cleared to be socialized more, he will stay indoors for a few weeks, then I'll take him out in a cage, then on a leash (don't laugh, it wouldn't be the first cat I've leash trained). I can't imagine he wont find a home soon after I nuetuer him.
I'd love your advice.
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just keep your eye on him, flea-collar-wise... i realize he needs it right now, but it [as you already know] could make him just as sick as the fleas.
do you have kitten food for him? how young do you think he is? there's a recipe for kitten glop [homemade formula] here if you want to make him some.
sending & to him - got a name, yet?
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I would remove the flea collar immediately. Too many chemicals for the little guy. Kittens are very sensitive and some had died from using a flea collar.
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How about Advantage? I heard that would drop fleas immidiately.
Is your kitten too small for it?

I would NOT put flea treatment you buy from petstore. I hear bad things about them all.
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Kookala, what a wonderful thing you've done rescuing this kitty!

PLEASE take the flea collar off and cut it up and put it in your vacuum cleaner. It works GREAT to kill the flea eggs.

Couple of quick questions:

This kitty is inside? But separated from your other cats in some way, right? Because not only can he spread his fleas, he can get them sick with the URI.

As a matter of fact, I'd keep a change of clothes handy (we use pull-up coveralls and just pull them up over our clothes, and we leave our shoes and socks outside the door of the separation room) - and I would not wear what you have on into the room, and I wouldn't wear what's in the room outside of it. And at the very least, do not wear socks and shoes in there, keep a pair of sandals just outside the door, and first thing you do is head to the bathroom to wash your feet and sandals so you don't spread the flea eggs around the house.

BTW - did you get him to the vet? I'm really surprised they didn't just apply Frontline. It's safe and very effective - I'm not sure it's OK on a 5-week old, but I think so. Vet would know. It's gotta be safer than a flea collar or flea bath! In fact, at his young age, if you can't afford the Frontline, the best thing to do is bathe him in lukewarm water. Kind of hold him under there up to his neck. Use a very small amount of Dawn dish detergent in the bath. The fleas will flock to his head. Use a flea comb to get rid of them, and rinse him off.

...then use a towel to dry him. Our cats all hate being blow-dried, and one peed and pooped out of fear the first time (at a groomer. We were nice about it when we picked him up - but we pointed out that if a cat is so obviously scared like that, they shouldn't continue trying and just let the animal air dry after a good toweling off. )

The kitten glop is a great recommendation to help fatten him up! And in addition to feeding him kitten food, you can supplement his diet with baby food. Chicken baby food is very easy on a kitty's tummy.

If he's lonely, you can consider purchasing a snuggle kitty - it has a warmer and a heartbeat:

An inexpensive version is an old fashioned alarm clock that makes a "tick tock" sound wrapped up in a blanket. Sometimes even just a small bean-bag toy helps.

...and check out these tips or this flyer to help you find a good home to adopt him to. (Scroll down the page for "The Adoption Option").

for taking in this little kitty!

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It sounds like he is in good hands, Advantage can be used as of 8 weeks.
I would just keep combing him & pick fleas off. I use mouthwash on a Q-tip to make the fleas drunk so I can catch them. It works & the cats seem to be okay with the smell. A moist Q-tip and a flea comb. Works.

Good luck!
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I don't have any indoor cats, he's seperated from my family, dogs and birds as he is in a bathroom, in a medium sized dog crate. There is recirculated air in there but what can you do? It's 105 in Phoenix, I aint shutting it off.
Not sure if flea colar will work in a wet dry vac though (I use it as I have tile or hardwood throughout my home. Using Nova San to clean surfaces. I have prescription food to fatten him up. Ears look better, he's eating like a pig, stools are larger (firm and clean). Wetting a few times a day.
I take my clothes off and set them outside my front door, Neighbors probably think I'm a freak as I have a growing pile of laundry there. I was worried about my shoes though...
He's playing and attention seeking now!!!
BTW~ he's a Point Hymalain mix not a siamese. Blue eyes and dark face mixed me up.
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sounds like he's doing well! don't worry about putting the collar in your vac - if you have hard floors thruout, flea eggs aren't nearly as much of a problem as w/carpeting. but i'd probably take it off the little one, now - he's had the benefit, & it can cause him harm.
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They do have herbal collars which may be safer. Sounds like the two of you are bonding quickly.
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I couldn't get a pic to load but I put him up on my profile. To give you an idea of how tiny he is that kickboard between floor and cabinet is 3" tall. He's only about 5" when sitting like that.
I have 3 prospective homes interested in Misun Gidi (I know, naming forms attatchment but let's face it; I was attatched when I got the call and sent my husband to pick him up sight unseen) It's not a real name anyway, it means Little Brother in Lakota and cat in Apache. So I'm calling him Little Brother Cat.
It sounds terrible but his circumstances actually give him a better chance than many others out there. People love a rescue.... TG their are so many wonderful organizations that teach if you fix they will not have kittens to be rescued. Let's pray the word keeps spreading and elightenment flows.
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