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Kitten Colds?

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Ok, it looks like at least 1/2 of the 9 have come down with sniffling with runny noses and sneezing in the past week and a half. Is this normal? I assume they are like children with untested immune systems. Anyways, one of the brown/white tabbies has conjunctivitis so I am giving him the eye stuff.

I put two of them which were drooling or wheezing into the bathroom and turned on the shower. They seemed a little better afterwards. All of them still eat A LOT! I am surprised at how quickly they eat food now and drink water. They still nurse off their mom a couple times a day.

Are kitten colds normal or does it mean they have a more serious condition? I think this might be related to the first kitten getting conjunctivitis, but I don't know.
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Anyone know if this is normal? The a lot of the kittens have runny noses, sneezing, ect...
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I would take them to the vets kittens can go downhill fast and runny noses and sneezing isn't good....... my kitten sneezes every now and then but it is just here and there when he is sniffing around. but no runny nose.
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Yep it is really common in kittens. I would suppliment them with lysine and continue doing the steam/shower thing and holding warm washcloths on their eyes and noses and wiping the goo off. I wouldn't stress them further by taking them to the vet and who knows what they may pick up while they are there. It will clear up on its own if you do the things I mentioned above. Make sure they continue to drink water as normal because if they start to dehydrate they need to see a vet asap. If their appetite drops a little that is okay, but you don't want them to completely stop eating.

I assume they haven't received any vaccines yet? If they are over 6 weeks they should start the vaccine series when their colds clear up.
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Well, they all seem to be eating A LOT of food. Even the sick ones. I am assuming they are drinking water because they go through a lot of that too. Also, the sick ones are still playing with each other so I assume they are fine.
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