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Is this normal?

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I unexpectedly brought home a 6-7 week old kitten [from the petshop] last night at about 8:30 pm. It's about 11 pm now.

He's doin great, plays all the time gettin into everything, he's eatin good too, I kept purina kitten chow out all night/day today-he loves that stuff(the food they were feedin him at the store looked like some kind of pellets) and he ate half a can of Iams wet kitten food earlier todayy. He has water all the time too and he's drinking lots.

But he hasn't um, went number 2 yet. He's went number 1 quite a few times, I can see it in there and that's his own private box.
When I brought my bubbah home it was like I was constantly scooping..lol.
Should I be worried? I've heard that they can get "backed up" and that can be fatal??
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Yes it can be serious. There a gel you can get that will make him go. Just read the label, because I don't recall how young ylu can get. It tastes good, and they will lick it from your finger. Easy! If he cannot have that, your vet will tell you what to do.There is recipe for stuff call Kitten Glop That is supposed to be the best for very young kittens. It it in a sticky in the health portion of the site. I hope your Baby is ok. I am sure someone will come along with the best thing. Different stuff works.
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Thanx for replying. Not too long after I posted that he went, alot..lol.. But that's still good to know, about the gel.

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