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Ringo seeking world domination?

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Those of you who saw Ringo's shower curtain pictures might enjoy this...and I hope the rest of you will too!

Whenever someone is in the bathroom Ringo now runs in and gets between the shower curtain and liner and is ready to play. Our shower curtain is clear with a map of the world on it and if you point to a country, say Madagascar, Ringo will attack it! Lol!! It is too cute! She has now attacked pretty much every country in the Southern Hemisphere! Ringo also likes to get between the curtain and liner when my husband or I are in the shower as well and then she attacks US! Such a silly kitty!!
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Hail Ringo! What a cutie pie. If someone's gonna dominate the world, I vote for Ringo!

I missed the shower curtain pics, you should put a link up to them!
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Just seen your pictures of Ringo, how cute!
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Aren't you worried the world might collapse if Ringo gets to attack the northern hemisphere? (shower curtain detaching from rod)
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Very afraid...and rather surprised that it hasn't happened yet!
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I don't think I'll be playing the game Risk with Ringo anytime soon. Sounds like she is experienced at this World domination thing.
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Awww too cute! Trout loves the shower curtain play too
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Jack loves him a shower curtain.

You think the punching through the curtain is bad--wait til they GET in the tub with you!

Don't worry no photos.

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