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Cat Litter

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I have used the clumping litter for my older cat, but when we got the new kitten I bought Tidy Cat crystal. It's much cleaner in that it doesn't track the way the clumping did. I'm not sure the odor is controlled as well with this as it was with the clumping. Is there a different brand that might be better? Mister goes outside to potty but the little one won't go outside for a long time, if ever.

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I havnt tried the crystals, but there was a big article in Cat Fancy about litters. The only litter that really hides odors is the clumping. I would guess also it depends on what you consider an odor. I know some people who like the pine litter and it's great for pee but does nothing for poop. I think it's kind of a trade off..no litter tracked or smelly boxes.
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