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We're making a move!

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Hello to all! My beautiful kitty Addison and I are new to the sight but we're glad to chat about kitty love. For the first about 9 months Addison was inside and spoiled rotten and then I had to move in with my mom for a year while i was getting into graduate school so she went to a part inside/outside cat. Well, in a few weeks were are moving and she'll be just in my apartment and only inside again. I've read many of the previously posted threads and am pretty sure I can transition her with ease, she was good for the first move. My question involves the litter box. She never had a problem with it when she was inside before but hasn't used one in about a year. I thought about putting one outside for these next few weeks on the porch where she hangs out, but I don't want other cats using it...what would some good advice be? and what type of littler is best, before her paws would get tender with some brands but i can't remember what brands they were now.

thanks in advance so much! I put a picture of her on here so you can see why i love her so!

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I would confine her to one room for the first week and have litter pan, food/water in there. As far as litter, the scoopable is about the softest type.
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Since she has already been indoors before, I would think she will probably be okay once she gets acquainted with her new circumstances! Our kittens were ferals taken off the streets and from minute one with the litter box they were fine. She will get it again, I'm sure. When you get to the new place, show her where the litter box is (I scraped around in the box for a second or two - roused their interest!) and don't move it around. I know lots advice putting them in one room, and if you feel your cat is particularly nervous, then I think this is really good advice. However, my husband (who has had lots of cats in his lifetime) is more prone to the belief that they should have run of the place from day one. It all depends on your cats personality, I think. You could also pick up some Feliway for her to help her adjust to the new place - a diffuser might be good.
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