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where are the other 3 week old kittens?

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ok I know there were a few litters born around when Angel had her kitten, so where have you all gone????

Would love to see what the other babies look like now and hear what they are doing.

Angels baby is big (have to weigh him in a bit but think about 14 oz or so! LOL (3 weeks old today) but he doesn't look as fluffy and filled out as some of the pix from other kittens (mainly 4 weeks) so maybe he will start filling out now? he looks like he will have long hair but is not fluffy at all. his hair is actually very thin.... strange. LOL

But he is crazy!!!!!!!! he is climbing out of the box, he plays, purrs and runs (well walks fast) now. he is so straight legged when he walks it is pretty funny. most nights he sleeps with me since Angel puts him up in bed with us. Time sure is going by fast. I let him out of the room for a few min a day when the puppy is in her crate so he can start to get used to the house and the other cats and such. but so far the other kitties have no interest which is a good thing. and he stays very close to me and most times just climbs up in my lap for a snuggle then walks around a bit, then back for a snuggle. I think I am like his "nanny" LOL

I will get some updated pictures today. his cream spot is still sooooooooooo light you can barely see it in person but looks to be a bit bigger and trying to tell if there is some cream on his ears or if it is just because his skin on them is pink. LOL
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I want to see angels baby!!! He is sooooo cute!!!!!
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Originally Posted by abbycats View Post
I want to see angels baby!!! He is sooooo cute!!!!!
me too
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uploading them now. trying to get the video. not sure WHY they do not want to load for me lately but going to keep working on it. oh and I weighed him and he is 14 oz at 3 weeks old! but he isn't even ROUND. he is pretty thin but long and TALL. LOL
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not the best pictures but you can see how lanky he is. and how he isn't "fluffy" at all. LOL his fur is soooo thin but sure looks like it is going to be long.... oh and I have heard him in Angels food dish a few times!!!!!! in her dry food tonight I peeked and he was licking it and moving it around. so tried a bit of baby food and he back away from it really fast. LOL my hubby heard him last week in it he said and I thought he was crazy since he wasn't even 3 weeks old!!!!!!

so here he is (his spot looks almost "dirty" now. LOL)

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Look at that adorable little cream puff!! He is just TOO CUTE for words.

I know you asked where the other three week old kittens are, but my two week olds are here:

I won't post their pictures here because I don't want to steal you thread!

But thanks for sharing, he's positively precious. I just want to steal him! You're so lucky Angel has chosen you to be nanny.
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The little black one looks like she is wearing a sexy bikini. My Scooter looks like he is wearing tight whities.
They are all just precious, I can't decide, but I do have a thing for little orange babies.
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Angels kitten is so adorable!!! I love him

Please keep the pictures coming!!. I've been reading your posts since Angel was in labor and not delivering. You saved Mom and Baby by getting her to the vet!!!

Your little white baby is very special!!!!
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thanks Abby. actually though she never went into labor. TG!!!!!!!! but showed signs it was comming soon with starting to have some discharge but that was it. then day 70 hit and no babies so that is why I took her. LOL

well the little man is now 3 1/2 weeks old (well almost 4 weeks) on Sun at 3 weeks 4 days he was 17 oz!!!! such a big guy. he is sooooo thin too but just LONG and tall! LOL not sickly thin just not chunky at all. he is just geting taller and longer. he is licking the dry food but won't go near wet food. LOL strange kitty! he climbs out of the box non stop and runs all over. when I go in my room he now meows at me just like angel does. it is too cute! I can't believe he will be 4 weeks old on wed! wow time sure has gone so fast! and he is a mo. old on Sat!
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try adding some chicken baby food to the wet - that might spark his interest! read the label - no onions or garlic [never seen that in baby food, but you never know...].
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I have tried the baby food and he HATES it! LOL he backs away from it! he was trying to chew the dry kitten food I have down for Angel last night and can't really break the peices so swallowed one whole and it got stuck then he had to choke it back up! YIKES! TG I was right there! I tried soaking some in some KMR and water today and he licked up the KMR but couldn't pick up the peices of food since they stuck to the plate. LOL but he sure is interested in it.
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thats so cute.he's trying to ack like his mommy!!
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well, the baby food isn't a guaranteed favorite, by any means... only 3/5 of mine like it - but the ones that do, think it's FANTASTIC!
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